Primordia Leviathan Comparison Picture

Another Glitterwash Leviathan, this time the main antagonist of my side-story concept album, "Glitterwash: The Sequin Snowflakes" that's currently in the works and will likely be put aside for awhile even after it's done.

"Primordia, known in some regions as the “Eternal Antarctic Sentry” (or in her home region by locals as “The Endless Maiden of Forever”), is a Leviathan of exceptionally enormous size. She is sedentary and attached to the ocean floor somewhere near the South Pole between two large islands of ruined land. Thankfully, this is a place that very few rig-cities find useful to enter at all.

Stretching out at over 6000? (approx.. 14.3 km), Primordia does not need to move from her rooted spot to attain nourishment, as her reach is vast enough to siphon all life within what would be large expanses of coastal sea.

Reports of a colossal sea serpent in the Antarctic region date back to around AQ0850 (3000 CE) which may actually have been sightings of an earlier stage of development this Leviathan once went through. If this is true, this would make Primordia one of the oldest Leviathans that takes residence on The Broken Earth.

Likely due to her incredibly size, Primordia is treated by some in her home region as a chief deity being even above The Nameless God in their respects. These peoples hold the belief that “The whole world is wrapped in her eternal arms”; seemingly what one may be forced to call “convergent theological evolution” in its striking similarity to The Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology coupled with their many other polytheistic traditions."

The version of her on the left is the original watercolor I had made, the one on the right is a newer version that I made using pencils. Still not entirely sure which one I like more...the one on the left is based loosely off of Biollante from the Godzilla series, the one on the right is more original to my fondness of maggots and hagfish.

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