A Modest Proposal Picture

Okay, I've had an idea. It's not well fleshed out, but it's not an RP this time, and given my track record, that has to be a good thing.

Recently, I've developed an interest in three things - the Romans, Ancient Mythology and King Arthur. And I thought it'd be a cool idea to combine the three in a story. I'm not sure of the full concept, but the basic idea is that we're going on a quest to find Exalibur, and a villainous group is trying to beat us too it. It'll take place in Britain (duh), mainly in the scary and forboding lands of The North.

Now, this is an insert fic (although not PI or HFR related), so what I need is four volunteers. These people will bring four people plus themselves to the expedition (be they canon characters, OCs, fellow authors you know, it's up to you). Now, this isn't going to be an easy quest, and the characters or inserts you pick are at a very real risk of death or serious injury, so I want you to think before you volunteer.

A few rules:
- When listing your characters, label them as CLOSE (close-quarters combat, ala swords and pistols), RANGE (long range combat) or SUPPORT (archeologists, mythologists, guides, we need those sorts of things.)
- I will be 'handing out' equipment for the characters, but if they have their own, they are free to bring it.
- I'm very, very unfamiliar with Anime. While I'm not going to say you can't have Anime characters, I'm just going to put that out now so that I don't end up butchering your characters.
- Keep it contemporary. I'm not going to deny that Indiana Jones is awesome, but he's from the forties and I'm looking for a modern cast.

That's it. I'll probably have a journal out later, but if you want in, just say so now.
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