Dragon Chickens Anyone Picture

Timezone: Central Us and Canada

Name: Cirino Gilberto
Gender: Male as far as I can tell
Species: Reshiram
Guild: Arts
Primary Class/es: ALL THE ART.

Ability: Turboblaze - Can use moves regardless of abilities
-Fire Blast
-Fusion Flare
-Hoarding Art supply
- burnt marshmallows and graham crackers
-Ridiculous fashion statements
-Grading papers
-Cleaning up artistic space.
Personality: He's eccentric, which is a lot nicer than saying weird and misunderstood. He tries to be funny all the time usually failing miserably and is laid back, never stresses over anything. Although he likes to make that a punchline of a joke since his hair is already white. Often a critical thinker and always has an open door to those who need to vent or mutilate the rainbow to help them feel better.

History: He was adopted by two middle aged smeargles, who failed for multiple years to have a child prior and when they finally managed to have a daughter, she was constantly ill and soon passed away at eight years. He came into the artistic home at three years old, having never so much as finger painted before. With high hopes to call this place home, he made the best of it. However, he couldn't ignore the always melancholy feeling in the home. Sure both his parents were always smiling and being extremely supportive, he had no reason to think otherwise things weren't perfect. As he grew up there, he started to ask about the child-like paintings on the walls next to the highly acclaimed art and other less than stellar paintings he knew he parents couldn't have produced. Eventually they explained about their first child, and he felt committed to start where she left off. He held little interest in art and literature before, favoring more the typically boys play with rough housing and sports. Completely out of his comfort zone, he turned out to like it. Even though he was horrible, like stick people bad. Later on he went to an art school, managed to complete the designated course and he planned to teach others when luck had it he found the academy and applied. Happily ever after.

Additional info:
-His classroom has a corner with his sister's art in it.
-He found that pendant out on the playground one day, and swears when he finds the person with the other half it'll be his soulmate.
-Loves legends and mythology, its ridiculous really
-Frames and/or keeps every gift. The best way to get on his good side, even though he doesn't have a bad one either.
-Color theory does not apply when dress. Neither does having a related hat to your outfit.
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