MCA Naomi statistics chart Picture

~Dexterity: 9
Naomi is very good with her hands. Being taught how to be an artist by her parents when she was young, she skillfully uses her hands in weapons, illusions, Omnificence, hand to hand combat, and often draws.
~Tolerance: 6
Throughout the years of meditating, Naomi is able to cope up with or brush away most mental stress. When it comes to physical pain, she can only handle some of it for some time.
~Intelligence: 7
She is Intelligent, having a sharp mind and once was often using illusions for trickery a few years back when she was younger. She keeps a strong memory of people around her and stories of mythology.
~Willpower: 6.5
She is motivated to get from one place to a higher level, however she does get pretty lazy at some things, especially anything like history or science and she sleeping for a long time really affects her motivation.
~Luck: 6
She has some luck on her side, especially when using illusions get her something that she want or just shear trickery.
~Social Skills: 2
Being cooped up inside her house for years have really affected her social skills. She doesn't talk much to some people but tries to and she has that sarcastic humor.
~Health: 4
She isn't used to being outside so much, so she could get sickly easily.
~Emotion: 8
Again throughout the years of meditating, she is able to control her emotions in the best of ways, except when someone touches or knocks down her milkshake. Then she engages in serial killer mode.
~Perception: 8
She has a real sharp eye of things, being able to tell what's wrong or sense an aura of another demon of how they're feeling.

~~~Magic Ability
~Elemental: 2
She rarely uses Omnificence, but she uses it right, she can create fire, ice and such. But again she RARELY uses it, cause omnificence is difficult.
Using Illusion, Omnificence, and levitating requires strong mental abilities. She can use illusions very well however, using omnificence is slightly difficult.
~Psychical: 8
She can use levitation very well but again has a slight difficultly when using omnificence when making creatures.

~~~ Combat Skill
~Strength: 6
Naomi is strong, often working out so that no one knocks her down easy in combat, however she can be lazy when working out and often uses her illusion in combat first.
~Speed: 8
She's very fast, having a sharping to quickly notice things before running or dodging attacks and quick movements in hand to hand combat.
~Agility: 6
She's flexible, but doesn't often stretch or do gymnastics making her a slight average.
~Offence: 6
Although Naomi is strong but often relies on her illusions first before battle hand to hand so that she may study the movements and methods of her opponent.
~Defense: She has strong defense and is very quick to block any attack that comes her way.

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