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Yay Re-vamp (again)! I've been meaning to change up Mali's appearance a bit recently, but she still has her precious hoodie C:! (I'm so pro

Name: Malignant
Age: 17
Weight: 126 lbs.
Height: 5'6
Gender: F
• Weapons
• Physical Training
• Art
Astrology and Mythology

Malignant can create insanity in humans by playing a twisted song on her four tails like a violin, or a harp. She has a bow with her constantly to do this. The sound causes humans, (and sometimes weaker demons) to loose their minds and commit violent and impulsive acts. The repercussions of her power is hat if Malignant uses plays a song for too long, or too many, she will be affected, and loose control (which you DO NOT want to be around).

Malignant has herself off to most people, not trusting other form the beginning. She will be aggressive and bossy, purposely going out of the way to hurt another’s feelings. She’d much rather be curled up in a corner, strumming her tails and looking over the letters her younger brother has written her than interact with someone that has failed to grab her attention. And if you do garb her attention better be ready for a lot of tough love. When teased she’ll loose her temper, but will get embarrassed, she’ll just cover it up with a quick excuse. She’s quick to be angry and slow to be warm towards others, but once you get under her skin, you’ll have a tiny place in her little black heart.


Malignant has been one relationship before and it was rather serious (which was strange considering Malignant has always thought, and still does, that she'll die alone) but it ended horribly, resulting in her love dying
She was actually the one to kill her him, but she doesn't remember it. This is because she had played too many songs, and gone insane, attacking him like a wild animal. That’s also why she's missing a horn; He ripped off it in an attempted to snap her out of her state of insanity. It didn't work like he had hoped. Her parents told her that they had both been attacked by another demon the night before when they were out together. She often has dreams about him dead, and flashes of what happen, but she doesn’t understand what they mean.
After this Malignant’s parents distanced themselves from her (Especially her mother who became terrified of her) to the point when Malignant was virtually raising herself, her younger brother being the only family member who still makes an effort to be with her.
Malignant became more distant and aggressive towards others after this experience.


• She doesn't believe in love

• Black liquorish is her favorite snack

• Black coffee is her go to drink

• She has a younger brother who is Honestly the one person she'll smile, laugh, and play with happily (He even rights her little letters)

• Yellow is her favorite color (if she had to choose one)

• She shines and polishes her boots every morning.

• She has a soft spot for animals (specifically felines of the tuxedo variety)

• Her most prized possession is her one horn.

• She bites her nails (A bad habit)
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