O.W. reference sheet Elvys Picture

Name : Elvys
Age : 36 years
Gender : Male
Size : 1.82 m
Specie : Goupy

Family :
Wife : Ellie
Daughter : Poloka

Hobbies : Fighting, mythologies, chess

Profession : Deputy chief of clan of warriors

Personality : He knows the most important decisions, for this, he's far from being undecided. Brave and valiant as he's, he may face the most terrifying dangers without hesitation. He's very protective of his friends and his daughter. He tends to be too rigid about certain laws that show the injustice, then he can say whatever he thinks.

Backstory : Elvys has many experienced war in the place where he lived, he was born the day when the first catapult ball had landed. His father had been injured and assaulted by a soldier who had been drinking. At 8 years, Elvys was sent to school to become a warrior as his father saw him in this business and so he can fight against the evil that struck his family. At 12 years, he decided to go for the revolution against the nobles who mistreated the poor and the slaves and didn't accept equality with them, since it was that day what Elvys fought for the first time for freedom. At 13 years, he was named best Revolutionary War, was at that time where he met a Raiteron older than him, Alborn, who also tried to participate in the revolution. At 16 years, he became the front line warrior in the clan with Alborn, who was deputy chief of the clan with the clan chief, Hoclak. At 21 years, Elvys was shopping in a small market for his clan, he didn't see what was before him when all of a sudden, he stumbled on a girl younger than him, he was a thousand times sorry but the girl reassured him and then they began to sympathize. This girl named Ellie. A year later, they were both fell in love and decided to marry. Their marriage started off well until there was the arrival of a terrible sorcerer, Ortos. It took the two lovers are separated, even if they didn't want at all. A few months after the disaster, Elvys was not the same, he had become a little more violent and got angry easily, even if the Hoclak summoned for his behavior, nothing changed. Elvys was 26 years and Hoclak had 50 years and had to take his mandatory retirement, so it was Alborn who had become chief of the clan were Elvys who had become deputy chief. At 30 years, he began to feel a little stronger in his head day and night and was training to be fast and fearless. Today, at age 36, Elvys trains again and again but one day he learns a terrible news : Ellie, the woman with whom he wanted to spend his life died during a trip but he also learns a story that was a little upset : he learns that he has a daughter who tries to find his father. And this girl is Poloka. Since, he has changed, he became more protective and more decisive.

Capabilities : His courage and strength reinforce him in the very dangerous situations. Decisions make him a real deputy head.

Weaknesses : His anger may prevail in circumstances prohibited and he's out of his limits. He tends to waste energy for simple reasons.

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