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Well, I could just use what I said at the critique- "Yeah, I went all feminist on you guys."

Here's my artist statement, but all all means don't take this as if it's the only truth. It actually sounds like a cliche when it's in word. Trust me, it was a hell of a lot better in person. Another reason why artist statements are dull.

Artist Statement:

While working on this series, I was inspired by ancient female fertility symbols and rituals honoring the goddess. The archetype found in ancient work honoring the goddess or great mother often portrayed a nude female figure with large breasts or many breast, broad buttocks, or prominent vagina. Art supporting mythology of the goddess often focused on the female genitals, pelvis, and belly.
In this piece, I created several organic, biomorphic shapes. I wanted to create an ambiguity between archetypes used to show female fertility and seed pods, both which deal with the origin of growth.
By placing the biomorphic casts in a tree, they further support the idea that the casts are precious, jewel-like objects used in an ancient fertility ritual honoring the goddess.

Medium- Various organic materials in paraffin wax
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