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Me ? Late for doing this meme ? Never.
I wanted to do this for a long time, but I never finished it. And... Guess what ? I've finished it now.

1. Mythology
Biggest influence I think. I chose the japanese mythology because I like it, but the one i know the best is the greek one. I read a lot about mythology from different cultures. It helps me for creativity.

2. The Legend of Zelda
Twilight Princess here, because it's my favourite Zelda. My least favourite is Spirit Tracks, in case you wonder.
The Legend of Zelda might be my favourite serie of all the videogames I've played. I love the stories, the design, the gameplays... Everything. Almost every endings can makes me cry.

3. Mucha's Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau isn't only Mucha, but Mucha is the one poeple know the most. And it's the one I knew first too. I really love his paintings, it's really inspiring when you want to do a beautiful illustration full of curves, colors, and details.

4. Photo references of details, objects, cloths, armors, weapons...
A must have. It's where the inspiration may come from from what ever you want to do. I'm trying to find the best places to have those references.
Here is a little list of tumblrs with a lot of references :
Art of Swords
Art and sterf
Asian Costumes
Chromaa (for palette colors)
Art and Reference Point

5. Photo references of landscapes
Like the photo references for objects, I think that we MUST know what's in reality for landscapes too. You can have a lot of imaginary and still real places.
Here is a tumblr that can be additional to the list up there.
Blue Pueblo

6. Video games
Videogames are important to me. It tells you a story, you follow the adventure of characters, you gain new experiences of all kind. There is so much different videogames, you jsut can't say "Videogames aren't for me, it's a kid thing", because of course, it's not only for kids.
The picture here is from Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance, since Fire Emblem 9 ans 10 are my favourite Fire Emblem. I love the ambience, the design, the game, and when i have to reset the party because one of my healer dies. Also great character designs, for both male and females. One of the rare games where women aren't half naked to fight evil, yay.
Otherwise, my other favourite game is Okami.

7. Joseph Mallord William Turner's paintings
I loved Turner's paintings since I saw one for a presentation when I was about 16. I don't know why, but his painting attract me. I love how he uses light. Soemtimes it becomes a complete nosense too, but I like it.

8. Ghibli
And more precisely: Spirited Away and Howl's moving castle, because those two movies are my favourite from Ghibli. But all the Ghibli's movies are awesome.
Anyway, this is one of my inspriations for sure.
(there is an exhibition at Paris from september 2014 to march 2015 I think, go check it !)

9. Webcomics !
I love webcomics. So I read them on the web. It allows poeple to share their stories and everything and... well, it's fantastic. And it cans have its own influence, since some of the poeple are pros, talented and everything.
Here is a little list of webcomics I like :
Ava's Demon
The Wormworld Saga
Les voisins du chaos
Just check BD et Paillette's website for awesome comics

10. Avatar : the last airbender and Legend of Korra
I won't lie : that's also an influence. They makes me want to animate my drawings and make cool fights. And cools designs. Damn it. I don't even animate. Jeez !

11. Disney
The other big animation influence : disney/ I've put three of my favourite disney in the image. They are beautiful, of course it's Disney version of the original stories, but I like it ! Same reasons as Ghibli.

12. Devianrt Art's Undiscovered and Daily Deviations
Nothing more to say, I think it's the most awesome categories. It allowed me to know fantastic artists.

13. Draw Crowd, Behance and other professionnal portfolios
Nothing more to say either. Those websites can be just as good for inspiration and influence the way you create a lot. If you don't know those websites, check them !
Also, for the end :
Artissimo :
Lost concept :
Anime background :

Fiou, that was long !
Thanks for reading, I hope you'll find new influences too in those links
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