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[[The skirt Lilly is wearing in the picture is actually a dress]]

Basic Info

Name : Lillith O'Hagen
Nick-name : Lilly
Gender : Female
Age : November 23rd (21)
Sexuality : Heterosexual
Nationality : Irish-American
Accent : Bostan Accent (though she does say some words with an Irish Accent)
Family :
Micah || Father || ?? || Gem
Einin || Mother || 43 || Human
Victoria (Tori) || Cousin || 17 || Human

Height : 5' 1''
Body type : Hour glass shape with cup size of C
Weight type : lilly is a little pudgy wit a little bit of muscles
Hair color : Pink (like her father's)
Eye color : Blue
Skin Color : Pale peach
Make up : every now and then when Lilly feels like putting on make up she'll put on foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss, otherwise she prefers to not wear make up.
Clothes : Lilly prefers her usual baggy shirts or sweaters[every shirt/sweater Lilly has, has an upside down heart somewhere on them], with a skirt/dress or jeggings, and if she has a skirt/dress on she wears tight shorts underneath to prevent anyone seeing her undies in battle, and boots, or flats. If she wears a short sleeved shirt she likes to have a bunch of bracelets on, because her arms feel naked without something on them. Sometimes Lilly lays around in pajamas, which consists of a tank top[blue or black], or oversized shirt [with some cartoon/anime character on them], and baggy pants [she has plain colored, ones with flames, Guitar [Hero] logo-ed, fuzzy polka-dotted, and fuzzy cookie monster pj pants] Lilly also never has matching socks on.
Hair Style : Lilly's hair is straight at the top, but curly at the ends, she usually throws it all, except her bangs, up in a pony tail, or when she's in her PJs she has it down, but untouched, so it's extra curly with a touch of bed head.
Gem : Lilly has a Sapphire on the back of her hands.
Body Mods : Lilly's ears are pierced, though usually with round earings in. She also has a tattoo of wings on her back that reach from the top of her shoulderblades, to just above the waistline, the one on the right is a white fluffy wing, while the one on the left is black tattered wing, between the two wings, between her shoulderblades, she has the eye of Ra from Egyptian mythology, and right below it is the Japanese Kanji for nothing.[… ]

Internal Information
Likes : [minimum of 10]
Dislikes : [minimum of 10]

Personality Traits : meticulous, un-creative, serious, and has an OCD for symmetry, yet appears fun loving, immature. She's slightly Introverted and a little Pessimistic, yet Selfless.
Personality : Lilly has an OCD for Symmetry, but it's not very serious, it only counts for small Symmetry like things, her body for example has to be symmetrical, her dress she has underneath has only one shoulder strap so that it makes her feel more balanced for having a one shouldered sweater. Lilly is meticulous about the things she does, they have to look proper, and in school she made sure to study properly and always made As, she wouldn't settle for anything less. She knows the proper way to hold her swords, and the proper way to fight with them. She also knows hand to hand combat so that she's prepared if something happens to her weapons. But when she was younger she began to notice that all kids weren't proper, and the way she was pissed people off, so to be able to put her mother at ease about making friends she began to fake an immature, and fun loving personality, which she slowly got used to, and now is unconditional, so it pops up unconsciously. But she really prefers to be by herself, and only having one or two really close friends. She doesn't believe she can do things she's never done before, but because of her mother's pressure, will try them anyways. Despite all of her bad traits, Lilly is actually very selfless, and tries to help others, to the best of her ability. It's why she created the Crystal GemiKnights in the first place, she understood that there were people out there who weren't as fortunate in life like she is, and wants to help them, and put her skills of sword fighting to a good use, by helping the city from bad people, and Gem Monsters.

Bio : When Lilly's Mother, Einin, was in her fourth year of collage when she took a trip to New York for her spring break vacation. Which is when she met Lilly's father Micah during the Gem celebration. It's where she fell in love, and she promised to move to the area with him once she graduated collage, because it was the only way to get her parents' approval. Lilly's Mother was born and raised in Ireland, were her family was. But had an Aunt that lived in Boston, and so, she moved in with her Aunt until she had enough to get her own place with Micah. A year later Lilly was born. She grew up with her parents in their home in Boston, where Lilly naturally developed a Boston accent, but because her mother has a fairly thick Irish accent Lilly ended up picking up on saying a few words her mother said, and the way she said them.
From the day that Lilly could walk properly her father started putting foam swords in her hands, and trying to teach her how to fight properly. Her mother, noticing how much lilly loved the sword, put her in classes, and soon martial arts classes as well, where Lilly learned taekwondo, and Karate. and when her father left Lilly took Fencing and Kendo, to keep learning the way of the sword
Just before Lilly's 5th birthday Her father found out from a secret source that they were going to be called back to their home planet, but they didn't know why. So quickly Einin found a new house in New York City so that if Micah was ever able to come home, he wouldn't have to travel that far. It was the the fourth time Einin ever moved.
Lilly and Einin lived in that house together until Lilly moved out after she graduated high school, to move into her Loft she turned into her headquarters. It's been 3 years since Lilly formed the Crystal GemiKnights, and she finally got the approval of the Mayor, and the Governor, because she was finally able to convince them of how the half Gems have been treated, and how the military and even the Navy can't fight against Gem Monsters, and how Gems have a better chance at winning over them. So as long as they can keep New York safe, then she can continue the group, and even has government funding.
High school was where Lilly met Hazel, who was a grade above her (but only older by 8 months). Lilly and Hazel discovered each other's secrets and after about a year of friendship started to become more comfortable with their gem. Lilly still gets nervous showing others around strangers, but Hazel will walk around with flip flops and shorts. Hazel was involved in just about every sport club, and Lilly was involved in a bunch of martial arts schools. But neither of them were aloud to participate in competitions because they deemed it unfair just because they were half gems, although that had nothing to do with their physical capabilities.
While on a field trip as Jrs in school, They were in an area that was just on the border of the bad neighborhood. When suddenly she found a boy trying to pick-pocketing her teacher. Lilly didn't quite like that teacher, but she wasn't going to stand there and just let him pick pocket someone. Quickly Lilly was at her teacher's side, scaring her, as she reached out and grabbed the boy's wrist, He froze, looking at the back of her hand where her gems are, and whispered "a gem" before his eyes widened, and then stared at her, as though he were staring into her soul, and then he took off. But as he spun around running in the direction he came from, she caught a quick glimpse at his forehead, as his Mohawk flicked around with his movement, and there she saw a dark blue gem. As soon as she saw it her feet began to move on their own as she began to chase after him, but her teacher quickly grabbed her wrist and jerking her back.
"It's dangerous to chase after back ally cats like him, stay with the group"
Lilly not being one to not listen to orders from her superiors stopped, and continued to fallow the group.

Future : *shhhhh* secret ;3


Living arrangements : The Crystal Gemiknight's headquarters or a Loft. Roommates with Hazel
Pets : N/A [Is thinking of adopting a dog, to try to teach herself responsibility, to better herself as a leader.]
Extras : In her spare time Lilly sits around in her PJs listening to Punk music, and sharpening, and cleaning her swords. Hazel doesn't quite understand why Lilly listens to punk music, when Lilly isn't a punk, or even acts like anything close to a punk. [Lilly does it though for two reasons, one) It makes her feel cool, and two) to confuse the hell out of Hazel]

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