C.Tank Knight Alexander Picture

Phew... Anyways yes here is the second outfit for C.Tank codenamed Knight Alexander. The goal of this pic was to demonstrate my love for metal as in I do love metal and drawing this allowed me to express that.

As far as total design is concerned this pic gets a lot influence again from the X and Legends mix art style I have been working on quite a bit so the people at capcom get some credit behind the base ,but this time another influence was in place giving the armor something I like about it. The armor design is based off the Alexander summon from the final fantasy series so thanks to Square Enix when they were once Squaresoft. Alexander is one of my personnel favorite summons and the fact he is quite an imposing figure really benefits C.Tank.

Basically the idea was to see how well I could apply multiple influences I got this sorta futuristic knight design though there were a few in the X series of characters to study to see how it would work and it did well. I especailly love the detail put into this and the time it took to generate. I've lost over 3 pencils in the course making this character design.

Also this was based on Jet's and my idea to see a radically different looking C.Tank and this what I did to see that become a reality as C.Tank actually doesn't have many outfits according to his creator.

As far as accuracy is concerned I drew C.Tank more a kin to his actual scale which allowed me more room to draw in details. So accuracy again is non existant as far as I know.


Hoy despite the awesomeness there is a few issues I had when working on this design. One was trying to keep this armor symmetrical at a sorta 45 degree angle you can see this mostly in the shoulders. Two was trying to work those legs to get this pose to work. If any persond has seen the megaman art styles in classic and X its barely believable how those characters could stand that close together with such bulky looking legs. Three there was some issues with his upper torso and my usual mistakes ,but overall its not too bad in terms of making flow despite the pose.

So what are the innovations of this outfit?

Well for the most part this is more physical approach to C.Tank inspired by his sword ironically called Judgement which is the attack name when Alexander is summoned kinda going with our knight like theme. Anyways I descided that this outfit has a specail which is geared towards C.Tank's Melee. his ranged attacks still work its just because of the nature of this outfit. In any megaman game when a buster is formed often the hands get sucked in a specail chamber forming the barrel while the arms sorta swells or transforms accordingly to match the configuration. Still he can fire just about any ammo and energy type projectile without issue ,but it will have a very steam punk approach mixed with the futuristic ideas of Megaman.

He also loses the barrier ,but makes up for it with the abillity to cause collateral damage if the opponent uses unarmed like combat though this doesn't affect other robot like characters it can effect humans, anthros, chibi morphs and even mythological characters should they use physical unarmed attacks.

The sheild believe it or not is there ,but around his waist which is being held by a specail magnetic frequency and also the shield is quite flexible allowing some good movement minus running ,but when the sheild is formed it detaches using mental impulses from the user and the sheild forms just like that.

Specail thanks to you Jet I hope you like this design as it was a long session.
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