O.W. reference sheet Alborn Picture

Name : Alborn
Age : 48 years
Gender : Male
Size : 1.82 /2 m
Specie : Raiteron

Family :
Wife : Alicia
Son : Tinko

Hobbies : Mythologies, fighting, chess, carve wood

Profession : Chief of the clan of warriors

Personality : He's a formidable warrior, the strongest and fastest. He has great courage and great caution, he's able to face the most terrible dangers. He remains loyal to his friends and his son. But can sometimes have a strong temper character : One day, he can be happy and partying all night and another day, he's quick to anger. He tends to be very stubborn and inflexible. He can sometimes be very strict with his son but there is still a very good father.

Backstory : Alborn was born of a father who was a blacksmith and a mother who serves customers in taverns. He received an education very hard : He was sent to a private school and religious since he was 4 years old and life was not easy for children who were there, especially for him. At 7 years, he was fired for making big mistakes in his school and his father, berserk, had played and had even struck for the first time. After this great quarrel, he decided to run away from home but he was soon found by guards. This time, the dispute between him and his father was even worse. At 8 years, he had been sent by his parents in a place for delinquent children, life was even harder than when he was in the religious school. But at 12 yeas, he had managed to escape from where he was and he went to another country, Seji. At 14 years, he had taken refuge in a fortress of warriors, led by a leader of warriors, Rocky. He tried to train a lot in this fortress but he was so infected he couldn't. At 17 years, he managed to graduate from warrior to go in a clan like the others. At 20 years, he looked great fortress where he could be a warrior but he couldn't really find one that suited him best. But still, at 24 years, he witnessed the revolution of Seji. A year later, it was the meeting of Elvys, 13 years and named best revolutionary, both had been chosen to go to Etala in a claan of warriors. Since then, they worked together knew each other well, they were both in Hoclak, the clan chief. Alborn was appointed Deputy Chief. At 28 years, he had met a beautiful and sweet young woman, Alicia. They fell both in love and got married, they were both happy. When Alborn was 30 years old, his wife became pregnant a few months later she gave birth to their son, Tinko but Alicia died in childbirth. Alborn began to depress but he did his best to care for his son that he must raise himself, he refused even to send him in foster care, he helped him with his homework and paid him all his studies... he always got help from his friends... but of his family ? Who knows. But at 38 years, Alborn felt stronger, since Hoclak had retired and he was appointed head of the clan of warriors of Etala. Since then, Alborn has changed in his personality : he became stronger and more courageous and he became a great warrior chief, he was even nicknamed the bull for a while to Etala as had been Hoclak. Now, he raises his son with a lot more loyalty and is ready to help his side to those of any dangers.

Capabilities : His strength, courage and speed make him stronger, so he's able to face danger alone.

Weaknesses : His stubbornness leads him into very serious situations where he can have very big trouble.

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