What I Was Born to Do Picture

I was in the stands
Rooting for our team
When I saw the Buccaneers cheer for the first time
Standing on their hands
Every move extreme
I looked around, do these people see what I see?
These Truman girls were super-human girls
And when they started to fly, I knew
That I would find a way to be up there one day
'Cause in that moment, I finally knew what I was born to do...

Look! It's my OC Pandora again! Yes, I made her a cheerleader (to spread hope and track down some of the contents of the jar). Plus, it's the piece of me I gave her as I was a cheerleader all through high school (although my squad was dropped from my school like two years after I left. T-T). I'm darn proud of that too. Nothing quite compares to the rush you get before a pep rally or big game. I dare you to say cheerleading isn't a sport. I will prove you wrong.

Yeah, but I like this piece a lot.

You never met me face-to-face
If you think cheerleaders are a waste of space
We work and we fight and train and hustle
We get mani-pedis but we're made of muscle
We got one shot that we work all year for
We got more balls then the team we cheer for
Nationals is getting closer by the minute
Last year, we took bronze, this year we're gonna win it!
Bring it!

Counting down the days
Making new routines
Drawing out a tumbling pass for the first time
Calling on a play
Here behind the scenes
I look around, do these people see what I see?

These Truman's are super-human girls
We've got the spirit and we'll see it through
We've gladly paid our dues with every sprain and bruise
Because we're doing what we're born to do
Doing what we're born to do
There is so much more to do
I can see it in my mind, this moment's mine
When we win first place, we'll know how bright we shine
We will move like parts of a finely tuned design
Not a wasted throw, not a tie across the line
(This moment's mine, this moment's mine)
We will leave it on the floor
We will leave it on the floor
(We will leave it on, leave it on)
'Cause this is why we were born (go, go, go go!)
"What I Was Born to Do" from Bring It On: The Musical
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