Thor's family Picture

From left to right it's Modi Magni Thor Thrud Sif and Ullr.
Magni and Modi are the sons of thor and his mistress Jarnsaxa and Ullr is sif's son from a previous marriage so only Thrud their daughter is the child of both. Not the most harmonious of families.
What they;re thinking:

Modi: Why do I have to stand here with all these idiots, only Magni is really my family, Dad's never around and Sif's not my real mum. Barely know the other two.

Magni: It;s so nice to have Dad around for once I wish he'd stay longer and stop spending all his time with loki.

Thrud: This is so stupid why does mum insist on us all having a picture together like we're one big family, can;t I just go back to my hall already I have Valkyrie stuff to do. She's only doing it to try and prove we're one family when we so obviously aren't. She only cares about appearancees and Dad only cares about hanging out with his best friend. Some family.

Ullr: I so don't belong here. Aside from mum I don't really know any of these people. i wish she;d give up on trying to get me to call thor Dad I'm way too old for this nonsense.

Sif: So long as they can all see us as once big happy family everything is fine. I have to make sure they know there is nothing wrong with mine and Thor's relationship. I bet him sleeping with that Jarnsaxa was all that Loki's fault, evil thing, he probably wants us to brake up that's the sort of nasty trick he;d think is funny. But no, everyone must know we are one happy family and everything is fine.

Thor: it sure is nice to have all the kids in one place, their may be large age gaps and a few differences but still we are one big happy family. Now where should me and Loki head for next, oh what about the mists of the north of Jotunheim now one ever goes up there I wonder what we'll find.
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