Dhalem Castle Scene 01 Picture

Dhalem Mount was once a sacred place for the ancient Knodites. Costellon's most prestigious and oldest civilization, the dark days of prehistory were cut short when the mysterious Amentlanites landed on the large planet and began seeding civilization.

Faring better than most ancient cultures, Knod expanded rapidly into the written history. Controlling the entire coast of the east/west landmass known as the North, Central and Southern Medinat. For five hundred years, they were ruled by a set of chieftains elected by the populace until the last of twelve chieftains named Hermoses (HER-MOSE) received a dream of a crown of gold, rock and sapphire. Once he awoke, he had a living vision of a large beetling castle on a tall mountain. Living in the village of Eiregaard at the time, Hermoses traveled northward to the sacred river where to pray. There, he saw the mountain from his vision. The chieftain trekked up the mountain to see if he might receive an epiphany on the lifetime rule of his people, when he met God. God kept him for two years, negotiating the laws and by-laws of the new kingdom Hermoses would form. At the end of this tenure, when the people of Kod went looking for their new chieftain, Hermoses returned with a crown fashioned by God, and a staff made of rock.

He acted immediately. Hermoses declared himself king of the Medinat, and showed his new subjects the laws they must follow. Among these three hundred, sixty-five laws, were ten major laws: The ten commandments of God.

The new king organized his people into the twenty-four tribes of Knod, and sent them with his blessing to settle the Medinat.

On his deathbed, Hermoses was declared the Great King, and his saintly son Eiregaard took over the country. Eiregaard, with the help of his followers, took over and educated the coastal empire on the secrets of mythology, philosophy, mathematics and masonry. As well as writing and religion. He reorganized his nation into the famous Twelve Houses of Knod, and built seven castles in the mountains around select cities to guard against invaders.

These castles were:
Zephein Castle
Knostra Castle
Mayani Castle
Arazoag Castle
Phoestra Castle
Balbazar Castle
Dhalem Castle

Each castle was named for the mountains that the cities sat under. Of these castles, none was as famous or important as the one Eiregaard lived in. The largest and only castle visible from the coast, sat in the city of Diana. Named for the sacred river his father founded the kingdom. This castle was so important, that it was carged into the mountainside of Dhalem Peak, and built into the exact location his father received the word of God.

Since Eiregaard's time, some nine thousand years ago, the castle has seen major improvements. The citizens of Knod, enjoying the benefits of the space age, now view the castle itself as a tourist spot. The actual government facilities are built into the mountain side, making the castle the living quarters of Knod's current King, Hermoses The Wise.
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