leaving the good places Picture

Random mix of light study, tablet practice, and story ideas altogether in one happy, confusing package. Plenty of errors, but I don't mind how it came out - I find it to be somewhat of an improvement on my digital painting skills (which need serious work >.< )
The story idea is hopefully going to be developed more, but I'm so lazy I have no definate goals. I'm working with the themes of Indian mythology with the involvement of several gods as important/ main characters. Originally, I drew this particular character as Krishna and I may keep the look, I may not... all really depends on how things fall into place.
I'm getting a little more confident with the tablet, but my control is still quite shaky. Painter is slowly getting better, but that program is a foreign world to me. Still, I'd like to spend some time just messing around so I can fall into a comfortable medium between photoshop and painter (and the ease of the tablet of course ^_^). The character was done all in photoshop whereas most of the background was a quick mesh of colors in painter (not much skill needed there). As usual, my eventual lack of interest led to some other ideas dropped that I meant to add in here. Whatever. I'm over it.

Photoshop 7.0, Painter 9, Wacom Tablet
Hours = too many
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