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The complete list of Omni's forms.

1. Omni Orsa~
(Henshin: drawing the kanji for "Omni" on the red gem with her finger and stating "Jackal Knight. Henshin," Sake's howl is also required)
Orsa means "base" and as such, Omni Orsa form is the base form for Omni. upon henshnning, this is the first form she turns into. It has no real powers of its own and often gives off the impression of being a biker suit. The tannish circles you see around her chest are actually tokens. She can remove any of the tokens and pop it into the center gem of her necklace (the henshin device) to switch to another form. There are always 6 tokens and their location changes depending on the form.

2. Crocodile (Sobek)~
(Henshin: Croc tooth token)
Sobek was the crocodile headed god from Ancient Egyptian mythology. Since Omni is a rather Egyptian based rider, her croc form is affectionately termed Sobek. this form doesn't have much armor on the limbs as it is more based around agility. This form mainly attacks with its claws and tail with an occasional whack from its snout. *Token located on chest plate)
Hissastu- Death Roll: the jaws on the helmet clamp around the target and then Crocodile form spins at a rapid speed, just like a crocodile/alligator's death roll.

3. Horn Form (Rhinoceros)~
(Henshin: Rhino horn token)
Horn form is the heavy hitter. While not very dexterous or agile, Horn form's bulk and strength makes up for its lack of maneuverability. It specializes in straight forward charges which can leave its opponent rather dazed and out of breath(to say the least). Horn form is also fond of punching and stomping, and its big, powerful hands and feet are good at doing just that.
(Token located on the shoulder pads)
Hissatsu- Piercing Charge: With a trademarked kicking up dirt prior, horn form rushes in at top speeds, lowering its head and ramming its massive horn up into its opponent just as it connects with them.

4. Shield Form (Gastonia)~
(Henshin: Gastonia plate token)
shield Form is based around the prehistoric ankylosaur, Gastonia. Known for its heavy armor and bone cutting tail blades, Gastonia makes a rather lovely addition to the form list. Shield Form is the toughest of the forms in that it can deflect most attacks by blocking it with one of its plated body parts. This form is in no way fast or agile, and as of such it is predominately a stationary form. Its back is the hardest place to attack it due to the thick plating and the menagerie of spikes that protrude from most of Shield's body. Even though it can't come after you, you DON'T wanna come after it (unless you like getting sliced).
(Token located on chest plate)
Hissatsu- Chainsaw Tail: The scissor-like blades jutting from the sides of Gastonia's tail begin to vibrate back and forth as Gastonia sways its tail back and forth. This creates a chainsaw like effect that locks into any target it touches to produce massive damage.

5. Tyrannosaurus
(Henshin: Sound wave token)
Tyrannosaurus form is actually a very non melee form. It specializes in sonic damage. If need be this form will retaliate with a powerful whack from its tail or a few good punches or kicks. The sounds waves it uses to attack are produced from the tyrannosaur head and tend to sound like roars.
(Tokens located on wrist bands)
Hissatsu- Primal Burst: The blue sound waves on Tyrannosaur's chest plate light up one by one starting from the lowest one until the circle at the top lights up. When this happens, Tyrannosaur form unleashes a massive burst of sonic energy from its mouth which may also shatter nearby glass objects.

6. Quill Form (Porqupine)~
(Henshin: quill pile token)
This is a unique form in that it is always short term. The only purpose of Quill form is to use its rapid fire quill launching attack. Quill form gets down on the ground and unleashes all of the quills from its back at its target (they fire off). This attack may or may not prove as a kind of hissastu. Typically the purpose of this form is to take down or at least damage some of its opponents when dealing with several opponents at a time. But because Quill form has just the one burst attack, it is a one-time use form. Quill form can only be used once per transformation in Omni as it requires the down time to regrow its quills. (Token located in the same place as Orsa)

7. Anubis Form~
(Henshin: Ahnk token, draw kanji for "Curse" on red gem (not pictured here), "Jackal's Curse")
This is the most special of all the forms as it's not an armor change. Transforming in Anubis form is painful as it's a literal change of Kojen's (Omni's) body. She literally transforms into a depiction of the Egyptian god, Anubis. This is not a commonly used form and is typically only used in dire situations. Anubis form is androgynous but retains a somewhat female look to it. Anubis attacks using its Kohpesh (the sword in its hand). Added to that, Anubis has the ability to drive out some toxins (IE venoms, parasites, something that takes over people's bodies and turns them into monsters...) from the body by placing its hand on their skulls and forcing energy to flow through it and into them.
(Tokens located on the "necklace" that is draped around its upper chest)
Hissatsu 1- Golden Kohpesh: the kohpesh starts to glow a golden aura, attacks amde wiht it (usually slashing) now result in massive damage (hissatsu).
Hissatsu 2- Anubis Curse: Anubis form Sake lets out a chilling howl which causes the kohpesh to glow a black aura with a silver lining to it along with elongating it causing a symbol of a silver ahnk to appear on both sides of the blade. Attacks done with this form are even more destructive than Golden Kohpesh and have the side effect of letting our sonic bursts upon making contact with an object. (hissatsu)
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