Casus Picture

Title supposedly means "Adventure" in Latin. I dunno. It was inspired by listening to Magus Night (Touhou) and Tsuki Yuki Hana (Vocaloid) way too many times...
[xXKurtXx and Vladmir "Ghost" Marquis, the not-obviously-twins belonging to my friend, Jess. First created on DelusionRO, then recreated on DivinationRO.]

In short, xXKurtXx (aka "Green Phantom" or "Requiem,") and Vladmir (nicknames including "Ghost," "Specter,"and "Spooks,") were orphaned as very young children, sent to an orphanage where they met Hughes (another of Jess's characters, a High Priest), and then left promising to come back for him. They were caught up in snares from class guilds, however, and forced to break that promise. They later met up with him again and after a long story, all three ended up working on The Black Dragon under Captain Drake (yeeeessss, the guy who RO players might recognize to be an MvP.)

The rest of their story, or at least up to as far as Jess came up with it,...takes place in RoChronicles, specifically, chapters 28, 29, and 31.
Done via a combination of sketching by hand, colouring in Paint, then editing and combining on Paint.Net and ArtRage. Background image from a google search. /swt

It took way too long to do this...I was working on it for probably four or five hours at a time over the course of eight or nine days...
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