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Yet,another shrunk at high school roleplay,this time with a twist. I'm trying to give roleplayers even more freedom,this time they don't even have to choose anthros.

Same choices as last time basically,as well are the same rules,I'll post them again if this is your first time.

Gender(Of me or the rper.)
Age(Please nothing over 25.)
Location(Just don't make it too unrealistic.
Creature(Truly,any species at all,just make is unrealistic,imaginative,basically a myth.)
Personality(The choice of my personality,if it isn't obvious enough.)
And many more.

Please keep role plays PG-13 at MOST. Remember,there are people here that could be scarred for life.

I will accept soft,nonfatal vore,paw rubbing(it's new to me,I'll have to look into it.)

I won't accept dirty content,there is enough of that here so look somewhere else if you wish to see it.

I WILL,allow romance in the Roleplay,but keep it realistic,people don't want to see characters making out as soon as a Roleplay starts. (Many people at least.)

Finally,you do not HAVE to choose my gender,age,ect. If you don't choose one,I'll fill the place in myself.

Questions? Send me a note.

And as always,have fun!
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