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"I have no idea where thisss leadsss, but anywhere away from thossse psssycho isss good!" Anise said before the leap of faith into the unknown portal.

Due to going from the total darkness of Area 1 to some place that had way too much light, Anise was unable to see where everyone had ended. She could tell that Tad was still with her, but her eyes were not going to be of any help for a while.

"Esrever really did it." an unknown voice spoke. "He promised he would." another replied. Wherever they were, they were still able to hear sounds from Area 1. Despite being unable to see, Anise could tell, as most of the other warriors could, that it was the Dome was about to break on itself.

"Not everyone made it here yet" Tad cried, recalling the few people that stayed behind to hold the hosts back alongside the injured Esrever.

Anise could not see her, but the Celebi burst warrior that was holding the portal open was struggling. Thankfully, the Giratina warrior dragged the missing fighters through the portal before collapsing on the grass himself. Just in time too as the Dome then crumbled, no normal living people would of lived through this. Adamas and Perle are not normal people though. Their uneartly cries were the last noise heard before the portal closed, keeping the Dialga and Palkia warriors away from the competitors.

Anise's eyes were finally adapting to the light. Before her stood one of the biggest tree she ever saw.

"Welcome to Fairy Glen." a voice spoke to the group.

What followed afterward, the explanation of it all, why the competitors were brought into this world, what was happening to the legendary brothers, was all very confusing for the little warrior. Other warriors were lost too, it was a lot of information in a single conversation. Repeating the scene in her mind, Anise understood that much:

-The Jirachi warrior is named Ben, the Celebi one covering Esrever in bandaids is Charity, and the Rechiram warrior is Emet.
-Adamas and Perle went Primal. Seems like the other Legendary warriors knew this would happen.
-They and the primal brothers are the last Legendary Warriors.
-Team Galactic are involved with Adamas, Perle, and Esrever's (Formerly named Adam, Paul, and Eric) bursting with the Legendary Pokemons. The warriors were children at the time.
-The tournament was Emet's idea, it was so that they could find people who could burst with Legendary Pokemons, so far none of the warriors got any of the Legendary Pokemons' attention.
-Time and Space stopped applying in the Legendary Warriors' homeworld, which is partly why the Time and Space derps overexerted themselves and lost their minds.
-There is still a chance to get the Legendary Pokemons' attention to burst with them, it is the last chance however.

"Again with the unknown Pokemon!?" Abby cried, exasperated. "What is a Trevenant, that pokemon Emet mentionned at the beginning!? Am I THAT rusty!?"
Anise shook her head, there has been a lot of instances where people would burst with Pokemons that nobody knew about "No, I have no idea what that is eith--"

A glowing red eye from beneath the giant tree appeared and stared at the little humans.

"KYAAAAAAAAHH" a few warriors, including Anise and Abby yelled.

Niko laughs "Are you guys for real? So far we got through much scarier shit that that!"

"I was not scared! Everyone's screams surprised me!" Anise tried to convince the Saints in vain.

The Rechiram giggles some "As the embodiment of truth I am here to tell you anything about the tournament or any of us warriors you've been wanting to know! You may ask about the Legendary Pokemons in this dimension"

Kyogre, Groudon, Lugia, Ho oh, Shaymin, and Victini, those were the Legends they had to impress.

Disapointed to not hear of the Regi quatret or of Heatran, or at least of Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, (Anise knows her Sinnoh mythology, those Legends could of been really handy to stop Dialga and Palkia) the little warrior asked about Victini.

"Victini, the Victory Pokemon. When it shares the infinite energy it creates, that being's entire body will be overflowing with power." Anise was told.

Anise was not certain if it was her imagination, or her everlasting desire to be victorious, but she felt that if there was any Legendary Pokemons she should try to reach, it would be Victini.

For that purpose, she was sent back to the tall grass as a 10 years old.

"As things are, victory is the only way out. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter. I hope the Pokedex entries about that pokemon are true." She though to herself.

"I must be carful though, Emet warned us about paradoxes, I better keep my identity secret and.." her thoughs interupt themselves when she saw the Dialga and Palkia siblings running passed her.

"What were they running from again?" she wondered before a water balloon splashed on her head.

Seemed like she was brought back to the wter balloon fight, roughly the last time the brothers were seen sane. Anise ran after the brothers and took cover with them in their colorful fort.

"Es is so mean!" Adamas cried
"Everyone is mean!" Perle cried along.
Anise kept quiet, not wanting to be recongnized.

"The teams are not even at all!" Adamas kept on ranting.
"Why does everyone hate us! First they hit us, then steal our candies and juices and now this!" Perle continued.
Anise wondered, if she acted and sounded different, perhaps the childish gods would not see through her act "B-because you were mean to them?"

"Mean!? We just had a good time eating fish and celebrating holiday!"
"Or do you mean the rounds before that?"
"The 'Es attack everyone' round?" The brothers tried to figure out.

"M-maybe? But I do not think they hate you, maybe they are just angry?" Anise said, keeping to herself that she herself was and still mad at the brothers for their actions. Then again she cannot stay as angry as she was knowing that the brothers were perhaps children mentally.

Before the brothers could add a thing, more water balloons rained on them and on the Shellos Burst. "AUGGGGHH!"

"BOMBS AWAY!" the Archen Burst yelled from above.
"THE NIGHT NEVER MISSES!" The Noibat (yet another of those Pokemons noone knows about) chimed.

Perle looked up "Now they are throwing the gliders at us!"
Adamas kept ducking "I knew we shouldn't of given them flying types this round!"
Anise rolled her eyes, though her googles hid that. Perhaps this fight would be her chance to get Victini's attention "W-would you mind if I try to help you?"

Both brothers clinged to the slimey burst "PLEASE DO!" before retreating from the slime.

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Anise: Shellos Burst - Archen Burst - Servine Burst - Application
Tad: Litleo Burst - Application
Tash: The Night - Application
Abby: Application
Niko: Application
Legendary Bursts: Emet, Ben and Charity - Adamas and Perle - Esrever

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