The Landchooser Picture

The Landchooser

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She is a Landchooser, the last of her well respected kind.
She is a human, like everyone in the nomad Angarian tribe but only she has the ability to use the „EmESe” device (Electro-mechanical Environment Selector).
During the ritual of Choosing, her mind merges with the navigational system and this way she can tell the direction and location of the next suitable planet. The whole tribe's well being depends on her...

One day when the mothership of the Angarians floats among billion of stars and colorful nebulas, in the space shuttle the people are waiting. They are waiting for Her to say the name of their new stop.
Every monitor shows the EmESe and as she is preparing for her task.
She walks to the pool of projected stars, every wire is in the right place.
First a galaxy appeares in front of her and moments by moments the mass of stars and planets comes closer, revealing more and more detailes until one solar system can be seen.
For a moment everything stops.
Slowly she raises her hand and in the same time one of the planets slowly begins to lift. As the sphere goes higher, the monitor shows the data of the planet. The choice has been made.

But unlike any other times before, suddenly the light becomes brighter and she speaks up.
Her voice strong and full of certainty:

"When we reach this planet, our journey will end."


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