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Ah, so I saw yet another one of these pop up into my inbox and I thought, why the heck not. Maybe it'll help you understand me a little better.

SO let's take a little peek inside the zhoid head, shall we?

There are no words to describe how much I love space as a real, existing factor. It's always fascinated me since I was in daycare (i used to draw a lot of rockets when I was a little kid) and the interest has persisted all the way until now.

Strongly tied to my fascination with space, skies are an endless source of inspiration with all the colors and clouds and whatnot. I do love the deep blue, but you gotta admit sunsets (and sunrises) are one of the most beautiful things there are. Night skies are my favorites, though.

Underwater, oceans and marine biology
Water, water!!! I'm a fairly good swimmer and diver (one of the only sports I've ever been able to manage without making a complete fool of myself) and I do admit, I had the phase of wanting to be a merperson when I grew up. Underwater scenery and biology is something that will never cease to amaze me, and a lot of my critters and designs probably showcase this fact quite well. The sleek and streamlined look of marine animals and the dark blue, black, grey colors, along the very bright ones, they're close to my heart.

No one saw this coming, I bet. Mythology in general is something I'm really interested in, but I started art with drawing dragons, and I still do.

I do believe we can't be the only planet with lifeforms in the whole wide universe, but whether or not we will ever make any contact, I don't know. Meanwhile I'll just hold onto all the cool as heck fantasy madeup aliens humans have created to sate their curiosity... Or feed it further? No one knows. Nonetheless, aliens and scifi in general are something I've drawn since middle school, never really showing that part of me to deviantart and the online folk up until a year or two ago. Hold onto your seats cause it's not going to stop anytime soon.

Star Wars
This whole franchise has been very dear to me ever since I was young. Space wars, what is there not to like! Also I used to put a bucket on my head and do the Darth Vader breathing thing. Never regret.

Ooh boy.
Don't let me get started on how much these movies have influenced my art. It'd take the whole remainder of the description.

Comics, cartoons, movies, superheros have been present in my life as long as I can remember. While I do love characters like Iron man and Deadpool, the first ever superhero I was introduced to was Batman. I had to give him two slots in this one, cause in all honesty, both the old and the new versions of the caped crusader have left their own marks in me and my art. My life as both a child and an adult.

Neon colors and lights
I really like them! The combinations of black / neon colors have become a favorite color scheme for me, with black / neon green being a shameless favorite.

It's probably not a surprise that music has been a huge inspiration and influence in what I draw and how. There are too many bands and artists to list in this meme who I like, but here are some of the most common I could think of.

Two steps form hell / Thomas Bergersen - instrumentals are my usual drawing musics.
Daft Punk - I was actually only officially introduced to their music when I saw Tron Legacy! Good music.
Happoradio - A finnish rock band that has been one of my favorites for a long time.
Armin van Buuren - Hands down, my favorite dj.
Deadmau5 - I can't classify Joel in the same category as Armin, so he goes 1st in his own field.

My childhood. Enough said.

Pokemon / videogames in general
I started playing pokemon 15 years ago, which was also the time when they started airing the first season of the anime in Finland. I didn't miss a single episode until season 4 ended and I'd grown up enough to not always have time for the saturday morning cartoons. I still play the games, and as most of my watchers know, pokemon is a thing that has stuck in my art as well. Even though it's been decreasing due to personal projects, I'm not going to stop. Never.
Other video games have been an influence as well, but this one single handedly takes the first place.

Studio Ghibli
Along with Disney, these films were others I was introduced to by my parents when I was rather young, the first one I saw being Spirited Away. I've collected most of them as dvd's and even my parents enjoy watching them with me at times, which I'm proud of!

Science in general, especially electricity
Yep. Science. You monster.

Cause damn, I can't draw robots or vehicles for shit. But I sure enjoy when someone else can.


Note: Again, the meme ran out of space. There are way too many artists I would've wanted to add here but for now, here are some of them.

Shinon has been a huge inspiration for quite a while :'D first off, I was flabbergasted by the fact that she's the same nationality as me. First discouraged, then motivated to go up to the same level. I've yet to succeed on that, but her art is a joy to look at. Plus woah. Her nuzlocke. Go read it.

Hiromu Arakawa
The author and main artist of Fullmetal Alchemist and other stories. FMA has been the first manga I ever read through and actually finished, and the art style and storytelling has greatly influenced what I make to this day. Even my drawing style is partly based on Arakawa's drawing style.... As I used to draw the characters quite a lot when I was in the process of reading through the series. She's a bamf lady.

I've only known Juni for about two years now, but she's quickly developed to be one of my best online friends via the oct / rp group circles. Trustworthy person whose art I'll continue to oogle until the very end, most likely |D

Another very dear friend I'm glad to have met! I never got to talk with Cory as early as I did with Juni cause I was an awkward derp, but whoa what even woman you're such a rad person. With rad characters and a rad style.

If there is someone I can call an art teacher :'D
Haan is the person who introduced me to most of the techniques and details I still use in digital art and has been a huge inspiration in worldbuilding. His creations and characters are so throughly thought out they put mine to shame, really. Having watched him go from sparkledraguns to where he is now has been a fun experience over the years! Also one of my only online friendships that has eventually turned into a real life one.

One of my personal idols when it comes to sci-fi art and painting in general. If I ever manage to go even near his level I can die happy.

This.. Has been a (too) short glance at what has influenced me as a person and as an artist over the course of my life :'D Should you want to do the meme, go ahead.

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