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Valkyries are female Third Sphere Angels renowned for their fighting skills and bravery. They typically serve as warriors under either a particular Æsar or a higher ranking Angel. Regardless whom they serve, they are typically tasked with fighting and defending against demons and other vile beings. Their battles against such creatures are often sung and are usually the stuff of legend. Aside from fighting, Valkyries also help guide those who have died fighting heroically to the next life so that they can receive their just rewards.

Despite their battle prowess, Valkyries are relatively few compared to the vast number of other Angels out there. While this can be attributed to many of them dying in battle, there is actually more to it. This seems to have to do with something generally unassociated with battle, love. While generally stoic warriors, many a Valkyrie have fallen under the sway of love. Since most of the other Angels are either too celibate or too unwarrior-like, what usually catches the heart of a Valkyrie is a mortal man, usually the type that can handle themselves in a brawl with a Valkyrie, in more ways than one. That's however when the problem occurs.

It seems that when a Valkyrie falls completely in love with a mortal man and give themselves completely to said man, they lose all of their powers and become mortal themselves. They thus remain mortal until they die like any other mortal woman wherein they could be reincarnated back to their former selves. However, even then they only return to being a Valkyrie if they lived a life worthy of such a station. This is a rather hard thing to do as the requirements for any female mortal to reincarnate as a Valkyrie post-mortem are rather high.

While this whole love matter may not seem like a problem to the Valkyries as a race in whole, it actually is. It turns out that Valkyries can't produce other Valkyrie naturally. They can procreate with other races especially those that are mortal, however each and every offspring they bear is always the same race as the father. Thus the only way they can add to their ranks is through mortal reincarnation. Since the reincarnation requirements are high, it does no good for their numbers if they keep falling in love left and right.

Aside from their dwindling numbers, this problem that the Valkyries have is also a great concern as it also affects other races. Because Valkyries are one of the few types of Angels capable of fighting, having their numbers low when there all sorts of demonic abominations out there can really mean be a serious problem for races incapable of fighting said abominations. While banning the Valkyries from falling in love altogether would solve matters, it is something that can't be done. Love is a prominent force among all Angels from which they essentially derive all their powers. To deny love is to deny an Angel of their true nature. This is more so in the case of Third Sphere Angels like Valkyries who require love despite otherwise.

In relation to such matters, one would ask, why do Valkyries have such a problem in the first place anyway. Well, the problem actually originates from a long time ago, a time that only the eldest of immortal beings can remember. In that forgotten time, the Valkyries were known as the Valkyrim. They were more or less the same but with greater numbers. However the most notable difference between the Valkyries of today and the Valkyrim then is that the Valkyrim had males amongst their ranks.

The race that these Angels belonged to was actually a two gendered race instead of the single gendered one that most mortals know of. While there was no significant difference between the two genders individually, it was when a Valkyr couple fought together that something extraordinary happened. It was said that when a Valkyr couple fought back to back in the midst of battle, nothing no matter how many or huge could stand in their way. Whether it was battle fury or something else, it was clear that the love a Valkyr couple had for one another was what fueled it. For a time, the universe was protected by this type of love wherein hordes of demons were kept at bay by heated passionate Valyr lovers. And then the Titanomachy, the War of the Titans, happened.

Sufficed to say, being one of the few Angels capable of fighting, the Valkyrim took heavy loses. The males of the race in particular took the brunt of the war. At the end, the majority of male Valkyrim were either slaughtered or heavily wounded. Furthermore, though the war had ended, their duties didn't. It was deemed that because the "losers" of the war were too powerful, they required special guards to guard their prison for all of eternity. Among those chosen were the remaining male Valkyrim. Though it meant forever leaving their loved ones, they regrettably took up the cause. The female Valkyrim in response to this didn't take it too well.

Angry at the very heavens for the war and the cruel duty assigned to their husbands, the female Valkyrim all swore in unison that they would never love any male other than the ones that were forced to leave them. To do so would be to betray their very race. Over the millenia, their swear manifested in the condition that their Valkyrie descendants have in matters of love and procreation. Ironically, it is because of what happened all that long ago that Valkyries do seek love. They all subconsciously long for someone similar to the males that were separated from their race in that forgotten time. It is because of this that banning Valkyries from love is also considered too cruel.

Despite their dwindling numbers and the apparent emergence of other Angel types that could take their mantle, the Valkyries are still vigil and effective in their duties. They would rather see the cosmos burn in hellfire than to lay down their arms like tired old housewives. As for the males of their race that were separated all the long ago, they still exist still guarding those that lost in that war. And while it has been forbidden for a Valkyrie to see a male due to fear that one of those "losers" may escape, that doesn't mean there haven't been rumors of such star crossed lovers.


*Based on the Valkyries from Norse Mythology. [link]
*When I designed these girls' outfits, I had the propaganda song from Captain America and the female backup singers with helmets playing in my mind. [link] [link]
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