Rakkor!Viktor Picture

Wanted to do a Targon version of Viktor.


On the sidelines, young Viktor spent his days admiring two champions who lived and breathed as true Rakkors. They triumphed every challenge that set to topple them from their hold on the mountain’s peak. They were the exemplars of strength, and his adoration for them saw no bounds. In the eyes of a small boy, his parents were untouchable. But it was on those same sidelines that he had also witnessed their warrior’s spirit, this indomitable power, fade from them. Each passing day, he helplessly sat by them watching as they withered away in their sleep without any struggle. To lay down and die was the coward’s way out, and they did just that.

With the loss of his heroes, he cast his spear and shield aside in despair. He realized even a great warrior could not hope to win this battle with pure strength alone, not against disease. With his jaw set, he turned his back on tradition to embrace the realm of the mind. While the others sparred, he studied plants. While they ran, he walked through the woods and looked through the streams. While they found their lion’s heart, he found his craft.

One day, the elders had enough of him wandering about the mountainsides. They had high hopes of this promising lad, but instead he had turned out to be the village’s shame. He had made himself a disgrace to the Rakkors, tainting the spirit of fighters and even the memories of his late parents. For that, he was tried. He was but a boy, nervously holding his staff as he stared down his opponent, his peer. The other boy charged at him with his sword, and Viktor was punished in combat. Though his life was spared, he had lost his arm. The elders’ intervention only meant that his true trial was when he was to face his Rite of Kor.

Soon, the time came and he walked into the arena garbed in robes, armed with only knowledge and a peculiar staff. The young man across him beat the broad end of his blade against his round shield and roared. Viktor’s left side pulsed, it was him. He walked in knowing defeat was imminent. He was severely disadvantaged as it was when he had but an arm. There had to be a way.

He had called upon all of his knowledge, sifting through his painful past, and remembered his heroes. He had learned at an early age that sometimes one could not rely solely on brute force, especially when pit against another Rakkor warrior. He entered the arena with determined eyes; he was not going to lay down and die. He fought fiercely but only managed to nick his opponent time and again. But something strange happened as the fight progressed. The elders watched Viktor repeatedly graze their supposed champion until finally with the snap of Viktor’s wrist, he knocked the other to the floor unconscious. With that, he knelt beside his rival and withdrew a concoction.

Prior to battle, Viktor had laced the butt of his staff with a potent toxin that weakened his opponent with every scratch from the spearhead. The elders were outraged by such underhanded tactics and even more so when Viktor refused to finish the battle. Viktor would not murder the man that lay at his feet, not with poison.Instead, he stood firmly with staff in hand, steeling his nerves for the wrath of the Rakkor elders. He faced them with begrudging acceptance for the consequences of his actions. In doing so, the village realized he had proved his worth, that he had proved himself not as a Rakkor but a man of another talent and strength.

Viktor walked out of the arena as Targon’s Seeker.

(( First of all, I’d like to say I am extremely proud of myself for having come up with a completely different path for Rakkor!Viktor that separates him from the Targon Trio. He is modeled after Greek Philosophers, hence he is dressed in robes and sashes.

The staff he’s holding is directly inspired by the Staff of Ascelpius, which is the symbol of the medical field. The staff with twin snakes and wings is Caudecus, the symbol of Hermes that the military (mistakenly) adopted for their Medical Corp. Also, Ascelpius was considered one of the first healers in medical history. He’s known as the God of Healing [ not to be confused with Greek Mythology/Gods, he’s an actual person ]. So, there’s the symbology of Rakkor!Viktor’s design. The staff was my drive to do this.

Also, this is not an M!A. I just thought I’d play around with this idea. ))


  • Since villages function as a close-knit community, Viktor had adopted parents who took care of his basic needs.
  • He lived in the Rakkor Village, so he knew Pantheon and Leona. He’s a bit older than them both.
  • He spent most of his time by himself - and kept to himself for that matter - since he was considered the black sheep of the community.
  • (Inspired by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine) Viktor practiced good health with a balanced diet. Parallels the Machine Herald’s strict diet and need to stay fit for augmentations.
  • Viktor is not as strong as the men of Targon; however, he’s still much stronger than the common folk.
  • Viktor tends to avoid confrontation at all cost. He knows if he dares to take on any challenge thrown his way by his peers, he would surely lose.
  • Some have taunted him that he was nothing like his courageous parents. Thus, he suffers from bouts of low self-esteem in his childhood. This is also why he prefers to be away from his people.
  • He a knack for magic. [ Parallels Hexmage ].


  • Viktor was skilled with his spear before his parents’ passing. Transitioning to the staff was easy for him.
  • He created a logbook of the different plants and animal he encountered. He keeps his belongings in a satchel that he takes him with everywhere.
  • Weaving items, such as satchels, and knowledge of common medicinal plants were taught to all children. Viktor has an extensive knowledge when it comes to crafting and foraging.
  • He would often tend to the ill. With the amount of time he spent with them, people thought him either strange or extremely healthy for he was never sick.

Battle and Rite of Kor:

  • Viktor was forced to duel his peer with his staff and not a spear. He suffered many injuries desperately trying to defend himself. He managed a few bruising blows but none hurt like the cuts he received. That day, he thought he was going to die.
  • After the other boy severed Viktor’s left forearm, elders intervened the fight. To all, he was a pathetic sight.
  • He had an extremely difficult time coping with the loss of his arm and found himself even more reliant on his staff.
  • Viktor still experiences phantom limb syndrome.
  • The Elders had purposefully pit Viktor against the same boy. It was a fight to cull Viktor.
  • Viktor had to train his agility and honed his skill with the bo staff. He learned to channel his magic through it, too. He also fastened a spearhead at the bottom of the staff [ parallels the Herald’s cane ].
  • After his miraculous victory, Viktor’s relic enchanted his weapon. A snake appeared and coiled around it. At the top, spiritual energy hardened into a sphere. Viktor now wields a mystic staff. Its power lies in the gem.
  • Thanks to the healing properties of the relic, he found himself a place among the Rakkors as the village’s shaman.


  • Viktor is now 31.
  • He is always seen in his robes. He prefers loose clothing as opposed to tight armor.
  • He avoids fighting still, but is capable of offensive magic.
  • He is self-conscious about the stub of his forearm and so keeps it hidden with his long sleeves.
  • Opinion of him has grown more positive since his triumph in the arena. He’s more welcomed now that he has a useful niche in the village.
  • He thinks himself unattractive mostly because he lost his arm in a shameful fight. He feels the stub is a painful reminder that he was weak, despite his redeeming victory.
  • He has nightmares about his duels.
  • He lives alone for the most part. There is only company in his quarters when he has provided someone a place to rest as he nurses them back to health with his staff of healing.
  • He wears a large, round charm around his neck that amplifies his magic.

(( Hope you enjoyed Rakkor!Viktor. Feel free to Ask him questions, but be sure to specify that it is him by mentioning either the setting is Targon/Rakkor Village, or that he has a healing staff/if Targon’s Seeker/Shaman. ))

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