GIMI: Chinese Dragon in Human form Picture

This was for a group idea that I had. A settlement for mythological creatures, well more of a refuge. This charming fellow was a Chinese river dragon called Boloruskhan. Why a Mongolian name you may ask. Well this "river" started in Mongolia and that was their name for it and he like that better than his Chinese given name.

Also this one come with a written history. Enjoy I guess


Méngfúbìshuǐ or Boloruskhan as he was called by the nomads of the north came into being thousands of years ago after the creation of the river by the same name. He had a brother called Gōngsīdehēijiàn or Batuqaraild by the nomads who shared the same river source as Boloruskhan. The river of Boloruskhan ran calm and it was clear like crystal hence the the name Boloruskhan "Crystal water King". Unlike Boloruskhans river, Batuqaraild's river was fast flowing, dirty and full of jagged rocks hence the name Batuqaraelid "Firm Black Sword". Boloruskhan was a much loved river by the nomads and the Chinese who lived along it. Which Batuqaraild didn't like at all.

One day, Batuqaraild hatched a plan. He was going to somehow block his brothers river up. Making him virtually powerless and himself more powerful. He could not kill Boloruskhan because the only way to kill a river deity is for the river source to dry up. If their river is blocked by man, it just makes them virtually powerless but still immortal even if the river is dried up after this has happened. It also give them the freedom to roam where they please. So Batuqaraild went in search of some humans to do his bidding. He found a small Chinese village along his river and entered it in his full dragon form, Which he was usually in unlike Boloruskhan who usually took a more humanoid form. The Villagers the frightened by his appearance and most ran for cover. But a small group of hunters did not. Batuqaraelid spoke to them and gave them an offer. "If you block off the River Méngfúbìshuǐ at its source, I will reward your village with great fertility and my river will run clear and pure.". This was a lie of course, Batuqaraelid planned to do no such thing, He just wanted his brother gone. He did not care for Humans. But foolishly they accepted.

One the day the river was blocked, Boloruskhan was in another chinese village that was along his river. He was in his usual fourteen year old human form but with dragonic features like his horns, tail, his eyes, teeth and claws at the end of his feet and hands. He was enjoying a festival that was being held in his honour. He and most of the village were by or in the clear waters of the river when suddenly the water started going muddy. Like someone was messing around up river. Boloruskhan could also feel himself getting weaker to, So he decided to investigate. He followed his river upstream until he came across the other people from the other village blocking his river up. He was horrified and went to destroy the blockage they were creating. But then Batuqaraelid appeared and attacked the weakened Boloruskhan which knocked him back. This same process would happen for a couple of hours. But each of Boloruskhans attacks would get weaker as the villagers blocked more of his river, until finally the river Boloruskhan was completely blocked and Boloruskhan powers were striped from him. He was now virtually powerless plus now trapped in his fourteen year old humanoid form.

After that, Boloruskhan could do nothing but watch and weep as the life that grew in and around his river died. He pleaded to his brother to at least let him put all the fish from his old river into his river. Batuqaraelid surprisingly allowed this and gave Boloruskhan an magical orb in which he could put the fish in. So Boloruskhan when round with the orb and walked down the whole lengh of where his river ran. Picking up all the fish that were still alive, putting them in the orb and weeping for all those who had died. As he walked along the old river, He would tell the people that he met along the way to move because the river was dried up for good. Some of these people were moved by his compassion towards the live that was along and in his old river that some actually walked with him and helped him pick up the remaining living fish. After finally walking the full length of the river and picking up all this fish. Boloruskhan gave each of the people who helped him a scale off his tail as a thank you and they took off in different directions. Boloruskhan on the other hand walked back up the old river, Still weeping at the lost of all the live. So much so, that it is said that he weeped so much that he weeped most of the emotion out of him.

Boloruskhan arrived back at Batuqaraelid's river and released all the fish into his river. It was there that he meet the villagers that had blocked his river in the first place. They feel to their knees and asked him to forgive them for their selfish actions, Which he did. He learned from them that Batuqaraelid has broken his part of the deal he made with them and had in fact made their lives a living hell. This made Boloruskhan furious, If theirs one thing he didn't like it was promise breakers. So he himself hatched a plan, A plan of divine intervention. Using his time consuming Dragon magic, Boloruskhan opened a portal to the heaven and entered it to go and see the Jade Emperor himself.

Upon arriving at the hollowed halls of the Jade Palace, He was granted and audience with the Jade Emperor. Boloruskhan told him of his brothers treachery and what he had done. The Emperor was furious that a dragon would do such a thing. Boloruskhan made a suggestion the the emperor. He suggested that the emperor dry up the river source, killing Batuqaraelid in the process. But he also asked that after Batuqaraelid had died that a new river source be made in place of the old one, so two new river will be born in place of the old ones. He asked for both to flow clear and calm so no jealously would brew. The Jade Emperor in all his wisdom agreed to this plan and sent Boloruskhan back to earth to watch Batuqaraelid downfall.

Boloruskhan was transported to the side of the river, where Batuqaraelid actually was. He asked why Boloruskhan was there. Boloruskhan face showed no emotion and said one word "karma". It was then that the emperor himself spoke in his booming voice. "Gōngsīdehēijiàn, for your crimes agaisnt Méngfúbìshuǐ, The living and the very balance of nature its self, You have been senenced to death by me, The Jade Emperor. The fate of your soul will be decided once you have died.". With that, the river source dried up, the glow in Batuqaraelid eyes disaapeared and Boloruskhan just stood there and watch as Batuqaraelid river dried up and he lay their dying. Batuqaraelid screamed for help from Boloruskhan as he was dying a slow painful death. Boloruskhan remember the benevolence he shown toward the fish of his old river, so he approached his brother and whacked his head hard with his tail. Killing him instantly, Batuqaraelid was dead.

Boloruskhan walked to where the two river once shared a source and watched as a new source was formed out of the old. Two new rivers were born and so was two new deities, one male and one female. Batubolormaa, her river runs where Boloruskhan's used to and Eliduskhan, his river runs where Batuqaraelid's used to. Boloruskhan remained their, living at the split of the two rivers for the next hundred years, to help guild and teach the new river deities to be benevolent deities.

After a hundred years, He began to travel. He Spent many hundreds of years with the nomads he loved so much, Living through all the empires that they had. He has met many of the great historical figures also. Nebuchadnezzer, Guan Yu, Atilla the Hun, Sejong the great, Tokugawa Ieyasu and of course Genghis Khan are just a few.
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