Sigurd/Siegfried Sheet Picture

Name: Sigurd or Siegfried
Gender//color: Stallion//gray, blue mane/tail, green eyes, dark red crest around his right eye
Age: 7 years
Personality: follows soon
Past: follows soon

Other art: None created

I think I should explain a little bit about how Sigurd came into existence...
I loosely based Sigurd's appearance on Sieg Heart from the manga Rave Master (by Hiro Mashima),
Some of you who are familiar with the manga/anime Fairy Tail may recognize the mark as well, that is because Hiro Mashima let him reappear in FT as Jellal/Siegrain/Mystogan, though the crest is not exactly the same.
The name Sigurd is from the Old Norse ancient poetry The Lay of the Völsungs., or more commonly know as The Nibelungenlied Siegfried is the Old German translation of the name.
I was greatly intrigued by the poetry (which is in fact a complete book) and really wanted to use it in one of my artworks. But instead of just using it once, I decided to re-create Sigurd as one of my characters and make a story around him.
For those who are interested in the legend, I have a link to the wikipedia article placed beneath.

Völsung Saga: [link]
Sigurd: [link]
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