Klendauk the Legendary Space Dragon Picture

Well, I've had planned out since the beginning what the final boss of Xenohunter would be. Klendauk, the Legendary Space Dragon that had been sealed away on the planet that the game would take place on.

Long ago he wrought havoc across the world but was ultimately stopped by a warrior wielding a magical blade that had been crafted to defeat him. He was sealed deep beneath the planet with it so he would never be able to harm the planet's inhabitants again.

Xenohunter comes to the planet in search of the blade that defeated him figuring that it's mythical treasure and he's a pirate. After getting through all the war and complications going on in his trip to Klendauk's sealed chamber Xenohunter finally comes face to face with the dragon himself who's all too happy to kill the intruder.

This picture here was me drawing Klendauk on a frame of animation paper to see how well he'd be on it for when I actually do animate him. It turned out rather nicely I think and so I colored it to put on display ^_^

...the problem though is that he's like giant so...it might be near impossible to keep him actually on the animation paper as he moves...but...we'll see when we get to that point
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