Cat and Dog Picture

This is just me sketching things I'm working on. It's a rebel group called Akuryo or something like that who are fighting against an inhumane government. They are humans by the way. They just represent different Yokai. I want the series to just have hints of BL (cause I'm addicted, shush) but mainly just them working as a group and other drama etc. It would less hinty then Free or Kuroshitsuji... Those are extreme examples but I can't think of anything better. It hints at relationships but doesn't make any sexual innuendos... Kitsune would be an exception since he's a seducer of the group - v -"

This is the Inugami and Bakeneko. The dog is just a puppy that the Inugami character is training. Bakenekos attack travelers with wolves so I just have him get along with the canines in the group. (Inugami, Kitsune, and Tanuki. The canines don't get along with Kitsune and Inugami intimidates the other canines.)

I've been trying to find a good place with a lot of information on Yokai. I've mostly been using wikipedia T_T I want to use a more legit site... urgh. I'll keep searching. I found a website that's pretty good but it would still be cool if I could get more sources. It would prove the information I'm getting to be more legit. I have designed all of the 7, I just have the twins, Tanuki (racoon dog), and Mujina (badger) left.
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