May I have your Name? Picture

"Myling" is a norse undead child-spirit, who wanders the countryside seeking revenge on the mother who murdered him/her.

In 1600-1700 many unwed women who suffered unwanted pregnancies hid their state under many layers of clothing. When the women finally delivered the newborns were instantly killed by their mothers who feared getting cast out by the community. Most of the times the murderous mothers buried their children in the deep woods (or just placed them in the woods alive for the wolves to make the final kill), and since these secret babies were never babtized the childerns spirits never found peace.
Crying and screaming could be heard from the small graves, and some children even walked around as undead; seeking revenge on their mothers and craving namnes of their own. Only by exposing the commited crime or by being babtized and buried in hallowed gound could the Mylings find rest. Mylings often sings the sad tales of their short lives, and thus the crimes are exposed.
Mothers who was found guilty as murderers due to the wails, crying and evil tricks of the Mylings, were sentenced to death.
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