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She has silky black hair as dark as midnight that flows in inricate waves to her lower back, and startling bright golden eyes that are often described as the Autumn Moon, brimmed by thick black lashes. Whenever she is feeling especially happy or extreme exhilaration, a tinge of soft green will fill them. Whenever she is especially mad or in the presence of her Father, they will burn bright gold. Her complexion is deathly pale with a translucent tone of ethereality, and she is not too tall but rather thin. Her lips are sometimes almost colourless, and she has these mood swings: often she will look happily sweet and excited, other times extremely depressed and full of despair.

Though she is ancient, she looks like an average 12-year old, usually wearing silk and satin and fish net of black and silver. However, she is also known for wearing old fashioned clothing dating all the way back to the Renaissance and this is the proof of her age. However, no matter what she wears, there will never be a piece of jewelery she is without: a thin golden chain with the pendant in the form of a crystalline, minuature hourglass that has glittering, golden powder for sand. This is her greatest weapon, and a source of solace; at battle, she's been able to turn it into her long, six-foot celestial golden scythe with one to three blades with delicate etchings and symbols into its sides. Though it has never been directly put, it is strongly suggested that this was the last gift given to her by her father in the First Battle, in last hopes of driving out her enemies and siblings, the Olympians.

Being the Immortal Daughter of Dark Lady Nyx and Lord of Time, Kronos, is never an easy thing. Since she was born, her Father had long had a long debate about swallowing her whole as with the rest of her siblings, the Six Olympians who eventually would revolt. Upon seeing her born with his illegitimate love affair with Nyx, he decidded against his better judgement not to, and to this day no one knows why. Once little Memoire had asked, "Daddy, why didn't you eat me then?" and his answer had been "Well, it was because I loved you." Perhaps it was because she was no real threat. As a lyoung goddess even in her baby days, her developement had been slower than that of normal gods and she was a sickly child, often weak and ill. Not much else is known about her shadowy past, and it was so long ago that had she not been the goddess of Memory, she might have forgotten herself. However, due to her fierce, unshakable loyalty and faith in her Father, and her appearance as a healthy goddess, showing all the signs of having a well-cared for child who had been loved, it is strongly implied that Kronos has spent great amounts of Time and Effort upon his Seventh and Weakest Child, even after her mother had long since disappeared into the Night.

During the Time of the Gods' Revolution, it was apparent that her father had been hiding all traces of War from his daughter, who had grown up spoiled and pampered to her every need attended. Until the actual vanquish of her father, she had almost no clue that there had been a war; the mere fact that more and more people asked for her Father's judgement and the longer period of time he spent away from her was maybe just more work at the time, since her father was a very successful ruler over the Titans. However, dreams shattered into reality at the death of her Father: before her very eyes did her older brother raise Kronos's own scythe and as the myth goes, cut him up into a thousand, a million pieces. And to this day, she was one of the only people in the universe who had ever been fortunate enough to experience his kindness and love.

Of course she was lonely for a while, but with the kindness and knowledge that Hestia (her eldest sister) showed her and a much hardened heart from her time alone in the world, stripped of her TitanPrincess title and placed as outcast, she learned to get along for herself and developed emotions and morals for herself. Of course, sooner or later she made her way through the Trojan War, the Renaissance, the American Revolution and finally the Reign of Percy Jackson days.

Only ten years before Percy did Memoire arrive at the Haven for all half Bloods. And though she didn't know it at the time, that was what she was - a half blood. A demigod. Within a week she was one of the most welcome campers for cheer of spirit and her warm welcomes to the lost souls. After a year, she was the best friend of anyone who wanted her. Memoire was happy there. and she almost forgot...Soon, right before Luke, she began to dream of her Father, pulling her from Tartarus. Both afraid and heart-broken, but also desperate to help him, she went away to Olympus to think of a plan and passed her father notes to test the loyalties of Luke.

During the time he took on Luke's body, she was too hurt and shocked after seeing his cruelty for the first time, and remained inside Camp Half Blood despite frequent and often sad calls for her return in Mount Othyrs. The cheerful goddess began to become moody and depressed, angry or violent even towards friends who wanted to help. As soon as full war broke out for the second time, she sent out a plea with one of her dreams, asking 'how can you do this?' She recieved no reply, but yet another 'come back' notice. After his fall for the second time, she blames both herself and Percy. Secretly, she has now a desire to raise her father for the Third time, and her renewed happiness is almost just a facade. Deep down, she knows she'll never hand the Camp over to her Fahter, because she HAS developed a love for her family. The Past holds her back.

At heart, she is a very warm friendly person, but because of so long alone, she has begun to lose some of her sanity and begins to seem a little goth, even. But when she does come accross a friend, she'll hold on and never let go. She doesn't get jealous easily ("The more the merrier!") and is extremely determined. If you're looking for a secret keeper, Memoire will never let you down, because she is the most loyal little girl you can find. She does have mood swings at times, and will be a little emo sometimes, but she can also seem happy-go-lucky. Her head is still pure (aka. not knowing the meaning of porn "Corn? I like corn!")and despite her childish appearance, she is somewhat powerful still. She is deeply fond of intelligence and talent, as was her father, and can have several bad habits such as acting very protective and being rather childish.

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