Cercan Urban Legends: The Runner (concept art) Picture

The Runner is one of the older urban legends in Cercan cultures. The earliest documented sighting of The Runner dates back hundreds of years. Though sightings are primarily reported throughout the country of Cerca, sightings of The Runner are not uncommon in the neighboring countries of Gulain and Quamad around the countries' borders. These out-of-country sightings are concentrated in the areas of and surrounding The Basin and The Silentscape. Reports of sightings and interactions of The Runner can be made from both the northernmost Shifter Colonies as well as the southernmost docks at the Newport district of the Lyomian border within a single day, though it is still disputed whether The Runner is a single beast or rather an elusive species of monster. There has been no successful tracking or hunting mission of The Runner, though it is rumored that during Her Royal Highness's most recent hunt for a (successfully slayed) Wendigo, Queen Haiya Slayer of Monsters and Demons briefly saw the silhouette of The Runner. The Runner did not appear to be helping nor hindering Her Royal Highness's hunt.

The Runner's actual physical features have never been observed- only its silhouette- so there are many variations of its appearance. These vary from an insectoid being with a jagged, large carapace and quivering antennae (Top hieroglyph, found at [DATA EXPUNGED]) to a creature that is more fox-like and streamline (Bottom image, an artistic interpretation by witness [DATA EXPUNGED]). All accounts of The Runner share common physical features: multiple sets of large glowing eyes (ranging from at least 4 eyes total to as many as 12 eyes total), multiple tails/tentacles (as little as 2, as many as 6), an emaciated frame, and a toothy maw. Some claim that blood drips from The Runners mouth, while others have found spots of blood left after sightings. On no occasion has an inhabitant of the town or area of the sighting been found dead or even missing, and on occasion a dead- but untouched- prey animal will be found nearby. There have been no reports of being physically attacked by The Runner. Some report being followed or even chased, but no contact is ever made.

Sentience is assumed but not confirmed. Some witnesses claim to have heard The Runner speak. According to their claims, it only would speak a single word/phrase, sometimes illegible (A witness claims to think it spoke "Go", "No", or even "Too slow"), sometimes legible but clear gibberish. It is reported to have a raspy/hissing voice that is androgynous, and a similar-sounding cackle. Some speculate that it is only capable of parroting. Unfortunately, those who claim interactions with The Runner are typically of unstable minds or are children, and the credibility of these reports are in question. It is not uncommon for the children making claims to admit to lying as a way to impress their friends. Those of unstable minds are typically prone to seizures, as well as auditory and visual hallucinations. Sightings of The Runner spike in individuals who are intoxicated or under the influence as well.

"This beast is either purely a figment of the fearful or compromised brain.... Or it is frighteningly, dangerously, intelligent."- Mrs. Ceallia Parker, Imperial Military; Research Branch, Sciences Unit. Witness of The Runner Sighting, Adarsik Colony, year XXXX.

Just some quick concept art for a project I'm thinking of doing before I start and as I work on the PLAGUE comic (currently being renamed?). I'm going to introduce the customs, cultures, mythology, history, topography, etc. about Cerca (the country PLAGUE primarily takes place in). I've got a lot of ideas and a lot of info that I just can't fin normally into the comic without it seeing weird or forced. This information will not be necessary to read and understand/enjoy the comic, but it will enhance the reader's experience I think. So, here's the first one. Two different variations of a popular Cercan urban legend, The Runner. It's similar to the Boogeyman ("You better be good, or The Runner will get you!") and named because it is often briefly seen running away. A lot of skeptics just think people are getting spooked at night and seeing like, a stray deer running around.

And there. You get a random tidbit of info about Ceallia's backstory (she encountered it when she was young by the by... I just didn't want to think of a date so...). It wasn't like some huge traumatic incident or anything it just sort of happened. When I say tidbit I literally mean useless piece of information about a character, just about as important as knowing their blood type.

alright good night that took forever to write god damn it Ceallia stop tying into so many things give some other characters a break.

Art and concept belong to me *ViralCatalyst
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