Godmode AU - Aegolia Picture

Name: Aegolia

Title: The Lore-Keeper

Domain and Powers: As a lesser goddess of sorts she doesn't really rule over any domains, and she'd prefer that it stays that way. If she did, though, she'd probably rule over the Knowledge domain or the Creativity domain. Knowledge may be power, but the creativity to use that knowledge in unique and interesting ways may be even more powerful than that. Despite not ruling over either domain, she's still a patron of scholars and storytellers. She thinks highly of those who are always looking to learn new things, and she smiles on the curious.
Her powers consist of scrying, divination, and any sort of magic that would allow her to discover well-hidden secrets. Anything to help her uncover more knowledge. She also has some offensive magic (most of which is wind-related) in case she ever needs to defend herself in a fight, but she'd much rather use her magic to avoid fights in the first place.

Personality: Aegolia is an aloof deity. Unless someone proves him- or herself in some way, she often doesn't give them much attention. She also prefers to leave people to their own devices and do her own thing, and she doesn't like helping people unless she absolutely has to. She has reasons for refusing to help, though. Nothing makes her more happy than seeing people overcome odds by themselves in order to attain the secrets and information they're looking for. She also prefers to get something in return for her help, though she doesn't ask for much. Anything from sets of books or technology to update her databases to the latest news regarding changes in alliances or laws among other deities will usually be good enough.

Alignment: True Neutral

Realm: A forest surrounding a large lakeside tower. The tower holds a library of various types of books and databases ranging from digital-format books to academic journals. There are various group study rooms for those who want to have friendly discussions and debates about the latest subjects they've been researching or to share the latest stories they've been working on for advice and feedback. There are also individual study rooms for those who wish to work by themselves in peace. The tower has several balconies in which one can sit outside and read a book while taking in the scenery of the forest, the lake, and the calls of various birds. Or one can just lie back and take it all in without any distractions. Even the most diligent scholar needs time to rest, after all.

Catchphrase: "What's in it for me?"


So I saw some stuff going around about a Godmode AU in which you draw yourself as a god of sorts. Apparently it started as an Artists at the Ready thing and grew from there. It's not exclusive to AATR, so I figured I'd make my own Godmode character, because it sounded like it would be a lot of fun. XD

Aegolia's name comes from Aegolius, a genus of owls. The colors and design of her outfit are roughly based on owls (I originally had a brown-and-white color scheme in mind, but I stuck with the browns because it was simpler). The cloak is roughly designed like the wings of an owl, and the tail of the cloak looks like tail feathers, though that can't be seen in this picture. I originally wanted a lot of purple since it would fit the "mauveine" part of my username, but I decided to do away with that idea, and I'm glad I stuck with the browns. I chose grey for Aegolia's eyes as a sort of a shout-out to Greek mythology's Athena, whose grey eyes were considered a striking physical trait of hers. And because one of Athena's symbols is the owl, it worked for the owl theme I had going.

Overall, I'm satisfied with how this turned out. I definitely need more practice with full-body sketches, but I think this turned out decent enough.
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