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Name:Kieazah (Key-A-zah)

Tribal Name: Hunter Keys

Age: 23 years old (will change app to have correct age eventually)

Job: Hunter

Gender: Female (***important***cross-dresses as male)

Pokemon: Beedrill

Season of Birth: Fall

Height: 5' 5''

Ability: Swarm

Personality: She gets serious about her work and thinks everyone should do their jobs accordingly. However when she's not working she can get fairly lazy. She doesn't like curious people, for good reason. She acts tough and struts when she talks, thinking it makes her seem more manly. In truth, despite acting tough this Beedrill is a little bit of a coward. She would rather run from a fight then end up getting hurt, although she would never admit such a thing. With a natural distrust of people and Kieazah has trouble making friends, but once she is your friend you'll find her going out of her way to keep from losing you forever.

Concerning her cross-dressing side, she is desperate to hide her gender. Accuse her of being female and see her become enraged, do it seriously and give her proof that you know and watch her have a breakdown. Her mask as well as her 'man-hood' gives her confidence, without it she just doesn't know what to do.

History/Bio: There was once a large rundown city. War left it with almost no resources, so people were desperate and did things they would not normally have done to survive. One of those people, a young woman, was a prostitute. In her line of work she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. She dreaded the thought of her daughter growing up as she had. So she lied to her relatives and friends, bragging about her beautiful baby boy named Kieazah.

Within the ragged streets, one of the woman's clients told tale of a mythological place. The mother sweet talked information out of the man and every other man who knew anything about the place. A steady obsession for the place grew and she became determined to get her 'son' into such a refuge. She started to save up money when Kieazah was three and then left for where the tribes were said to be when her daughter was seven. They searched through jungles and through hills to find the tribes. Once they did they were taken in by the Eon tribe, the mother taking on the role of a farmer. Kieazah liked her new life, although even there her mother pretend to be a boy.

Mother and daughter worked together, pulling their weight in the tribe. The mother always told her daughter how fortunate and lucky she was to have the privilege to work such a honorable job. Eventually as the mother became more social, she became pregnant once more. She refused to say who the child's father was, only claiming that he was a warrior. When it came time for the child to be born Kieazah was ten. The mother went into labor and a healthy baby boy was born. Yet the mother lost her life, without the medicines of the modern world she died in childbirth. Only being eleven, Kieazah couldn't take care of a new born by herself. So the Babe was taken in by some other tribesmen, but Kieazah refused to live with them as well. She instead farmed by herself, saying that she had to continue her mother's work until she was able to have her own job.

By the time the Beedrill was old enough to become an apprentice she was sick of the very idea of farming, so she instantly latched onto another career option. She became apprentice to a hunter at the youngest age possible. She had always been a fast flyer due to the need of escaping tight situations due to her cross-dressing and blunt personality.

She's acknowledged her mother's child as a sibling by now. The child turned out to be a little boy and the Beedrill claims him as her little brother. However he doesn't know his older 'brother' is really a woman and honestly she's more like a distant friend then anything else to him.

Currently Kieazah is a successful hunter, she's fine with her life as it is. She does her daily work, as much as expected, and then stays out in the wild to do a little relaxing and playing.

Weapon: Metal Stingers


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