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as i'm planning out a book on my vampire, i need to research and cover all aspects of them and their condition, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). i've bought books on the topic, gotten books from the school library, but nothing is more helpful than talking to multiples here on dA!!

i brought up a topic to #Multiples-of-DA on something i'd read about: something called an "Inner Landscape"

within the mind of a multiple, they have a home, or a landscape, they vary, that houses the personalities. these can be highly developed into large cities, or even as small as a garden. now, being a singleton, i cant quite imagine what this is like, but its really amazing to imagine!

while in the midst of trying to decide upon giving my vampire a third personality (they're old, they've integrated down to two in the past two centuries), and unknowing of how the disorder would be affected by vampirism (it takes a lot of planning and guesswork on how things would be now-a-days for their condition and their inner landscape) i realized that the boys would need an inner landscape.

so i trekked for maybe a week though muddled thoughts, uncertainty, and bouncing ideas off my two primaries on the multiple vamp, ~Titoalba and ~CallowLittleNymph. i had many ideas for their inner landscape, including an asylum room (which i promptly threw out; even though it was a large part of their past that would highly affect them, they'd have developed DID too early to have had that as their landscape) to a field with long grass ( my initial thoughts about this was that for nearly two centuries they havent been able to contact one another within their minds, but know one another exist through notes; the grass would keep them from seeing one another, but still able to "communicate" through high-strung emotions) to finally what i landed on, the Manor.

the manor seemed perfect; as many multiples have the condition from little on, their landscapes reflect what they saw as their safe place as a child. boys will have castles and such while girls will be more-so with homes and gardens. the multiple vamp didnt have much to go on, seeing as he was born in 1833 and very much uneducated, he didnt have stories of castles and knights and dragons and mythology and fantasy, so his inner landscape is what he sew as normal: a Manor. going along with their like of the color white, the walls are all white, the wood within is light colored, the whole house is open and airy. their inability to communicate is easily solved with the idea of mental "junk", especially crap piling up for nearly two centuries.

thats what this picture is. i needed another sketchbook assignment and although i'm bad at drawing architecture, i was willing to draw this up.

a few details about the manor: it has two levels, not including the storm cellar and attic. it's much like a normal house, but as personalities split and became more prominent, the house and its number of bedrooms grew, having 15 all together, only two of which are occupied. demi's room is on the main floor, where he has free reign to the whole of the house, while damien's room is upstairs. damien likes to block the staircase with crap for privacy, and into too ashamed of throwing things down when he's pissed. dominic (who i'll get around to introducing) lives within the cellar, his purpose as a "book keeper" keeping him out of sight and unknown to the boys until very recently.

valko, another vampire but of a very different breed, has powers of tricking the mind and (i have yet to think f an excuse to why this happened *shot*) was able to clean the manor of all the clutter so the boys are now able to meet face to ace within their own heads. that prompted dominic to come from hiding, and the safe haven that they're settling into.

*huge gasp* lots of knowledge. xD
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