Lumen Rider Picture

Secret ID: Tanith Hikari
Superhero Alias: Lumen Rider
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Super Galaxy Princess Alliance

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Nationality: America
Current Residence: Gotham City
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 136 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black/Light Blue
Hair Type: Shoulder length; straight
Skin Color: White
Physical Description: Slim, with developing muscle

General Personality: She can get bratty, but will protect Lumen at all costs. If you can make friends with her, you'll have a loyal friend that will never betray you.

Good Traits: Has a lot of money, shares a strong bond with her friends.
Bad Traits: It can be hard to earn her trust.

Quirks: Loves animals of all kinds, can speak to them, loves turkey.
Hopes: To master her power, and protect the future.
Fears: Losing Lumen

Memorable Quote(s):
"HAAAAAAAH! Take this! LIGHT SLASH!" -One of her swiftest attacks.
"Good night, Lumen." -Before going to bed at night.
"Alright, I'm awake, you troublemaker! I'll feed you! Haha! Stop licking me!" -When Lumen wakes her up for breakfast.

Closest Friends: No one really.
Enemies: Anyone who tries to hurt Lumen. She debates whether or not Seto Kaiba, head of KaibaCorp, the rival company to hers (IT IS NOT INDUSTRIAL ILLUSIONS!)
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): She harbors a crush on Johan Anderson.

Power(s): Light-based

POWER/ABILITY 1: Light Magic
PROS: Swift, quite easy to make strong combos.
CONS: It's not as strong as dark magic, so it takes combos.

POWER/ABILITY 2: Light Sword Skills
PROS: Sword is lightweight, and quite sharp. It's also imbedded with Tanith's magic.
CONS: Tanith can be a little bit of a klutz with it.

Weapon(s): Sword and Light Magic.
Style: Swift combos and long-range magic.
Strengths: She's swift, and can dodge attacks easily. With Lumen at her side, she's nearly impossible to defeat!
Weaknesses: She heavily relies on Lumen, and is still grasping her sword.

Tanith Hikari is the heir to a gaming company whose success with tech stuff rivals that of KaibaCorp and Industrial Illusions. She is used to being spoiled-her food being brought to her room, and having anything she wants. She loves mythology, and never really liked to worry about tech stuff-she only cared about managing the company.

She's also crafty-she would often sneak out of the mansion to have adventures. One of these adventures lead into a cave where she discovered what she thought was an odd jewel-in reality, Lumen's egg. She took it inside, and placed it in a particularly warm spot in her room.

She went to bed that night, snoring as usual. What she was unaware of was that Lumen's egg was in a spot warm enough to hatch, so it did. Lumen knew that Tanith wasn't her mama, but she figured that she could still be raised by Tanith.

Tanith's rather loud snoring annoyed the baby dragon, so she went over and tried many methods to wake Tanith up, that is, until a firm bite on the nose woke her up. She swatted the baby away at first, rubbing her bleeding nose.

She cursed, and then saw the near-helpless baby dragon. She smacked herself a few times, and realized it was no dream. She, Tanith Hikari, was staring right into the eyes of a newly hatched baby dragon.

Her dad came in, turning on the light, and saw the newly-hatched-and-then-unnamed Lumen. He first attended to the mini-bite wound on Tanith's nose, and, after a fierce discussion, she was allowed to keep the baby Lumen. That was the night Lumen also received her name-it translates to Light in Latin.

The two became inseparable over time, and many a night, Lumen would be found sleeping next to Tanith. Eventually, her father was shot and killed, and Tanith decided to take revenge, thus, Lumen Rider was born.

Ever since then, she has been fighting to ensure justice, riding Lumen's back. The saddle and reins were created by a discreet saddler, and the armor was created by a discreet blacksmith.
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