Diana Kuso Picture

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Diana Kuso
The only child of Dan Kuso and Runo Misaki. She was born in a difficult time. 20 years ago the Brawlers separated after Dan Kuso quit for the group, shortly after the defeated of Mag Mel. Six years later, a white one Bakugan free a terrible enemy called Medusa from her prison, after he was shunned by the others Bakugan. She began a reign of terror, merging Earth with New Vestroia to make a new Empire, thus creating Bakugan based on extinct earth species and other mythological creatures (however this was not part of her plan). A few months later, Diana was born, although their parents never married.
Diana get used that her father was always travelling, seeing him only a few times, because of his battles against Medusa. During her fourteen birthdays, a misunderstanding between her father and his former group, took her to prove her worth in battle. Unfortunately, she lacked of enough experience to defeat one of the brawlers “soul-slaves” of Medusa. She was saved by her father and their reconcilable moment was cut by Medusa herself. She defeated Drago and claimed his power from the Code Eve. Nothing could stop her known… unless…
Code Eve and the spirit of Earth, Abbys, join their powers to send one Brawler 20 years in the past and try to stop the Brawlers separation, which left them unprepared for Medusa invasion. However, only one person and Bakugan who hasn’t born at that time could go. After been ambushed by Medusa and her minions, Diana jumped into the time portal.
Now in the present, she must stop the terrible future, convince her father to stay with the Brawlers without reveal her relationship with him and defend the past form the minions of Medusa, who made it to arrive in the past.

Like Dan Kuso, she is a Pyrus Brawlers. Her first Bakugan was Kitsune Pyrus, when she was 5, then Tyrannus and finally Raptorus. Diana is a very independent girl, yet she sometimes lacks of self-trust in battle, thinking twice her strategy. Also, her main Bakugan Tyrannus is very feral and tends to lose control in stressful situations, which worried her a lot, making her believe she doesn’t have enough strength to control it. Unlike her mother, Diana doesn’t get angry easily, but when it happen she usually answer the situation like Runo (shouting, scaring or demanding a brawl).
She is merciful and she can’t say no to a person in trouble. Diana considers her Bakugan part of her family, saying they are the brothers she never had (she considers Kitsune a big sister.) In battle, she likes making strategies, but she also makes moves instinctively.
Kitsune Pyrus is a female Bakugan, based on a Japanese spirit. She has a special staff which allows her to call fox spirits and control fire. She also can mutate with Raptorus.
Kitsune was “born” 20 years ago and unlike the other Earth Bakugan she doesn’t have a feral side. She has been with Diana since she was 5 and is very protective around her. Kitsune is the voice of reason in the group but she easily gets angry at her partners bad behavior. She also likes mischief sometimes due being a fox.
Raptorus Pyrus
The third member of the group, he is a raptor-like Bakugan who has low attack power yet a strong defense. He is very fast and his predatory instinct helps a lot in battle with strategy.
Raptorus first thought after being “reborn” was to hunt. He tried to catch some cows but he was hit a truck. Since then, he doesn’t thrust machines (Helios scares him because he is a cyborg). He is very sarcastic and likes to mock enemies during battle. Although he is grumpy he is loyal and brave, protecting Diana from any danger.
Tyrannus Pyrus
When he was born, Tyrannus attacked Medusa when she was about to kill Drago, but he doesn’t remember it. For many years, he traveled acquiring knowledge and searching his place in the world (and getting into trouble). Ten years later he met Drago again and followed him to their base, where Diana 10 birthday was being held. Diana confused him with a gift from her father and he stayed as his partner.
Tyrannus is a bit naïve, confusing things and a bit slow understanding stuff. However, he knows a lot about dinosaurs and Bakugan. He is also very brave, loyal and has a strong will. He is very protective of Diana, often making threads of eating the persons who dares to insult or attack her. But also he has a very feral side, which makes him lose control in battle which worries a lot Diana.
He is the only who can fusion with Raptorus as partner but only last 15 minutes due the instability of their DNA. He has wings but they are too short to maintain him in the air.

Possible fic in spanish will came in January
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