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Well, excuse me. It's late and I'm tired. I don't know if I'll get in, but I had fun creating Dani <3
Also the quality is horrible, I don't know what the fuck happened.

Name: Daniel Degarmo
Nickname(s): Dani
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Date of Birth: January 12th
Star Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: B
Height: 1.78 cm

Subject: Mythology
Homeroom: 3-C
Club: Drama
Sport: Swimming

+ If you don’t earn his respect, he won’t treat you as such.
+ Daniel isn’t the patient type. He’ll get really angry. This is one of his best traits: punctuality.
+ He is over protective and territorial of his family and friends.
+ He is extremely skeptical. He doesn’t believe in hear say. He has to see things for himself.
+ Daniel chose to have a few close friends rather than many and false.
+ He is indeed resourceful; Daniel is able to act effectively, especially in difficult situations.
- Daniel is lazy. He would sleep all day if possible.
- He’s really stubborn and he’ll ignore you if you try to give him advice when he’s already set on his ideas.
- He’s not the communicative type. He will be most likely found alone, reading a book, or spending his time with some productive activity.
- Despite his star sign, he doesn’t tend to think things over. He’ll probably take hasty decisions, which are usually affecting him, and people around him.
- He’s selfish and narcissist. However, his self-esteem is actually pretty low, due to people around him.
- His room is a mess. So is his everything. He’s not able to keep something clean for long.
- How does he greet his friends? [link] Yeah. And they are always embarrassed by this.

- spending time alone (probably reading or drawing)
- eating (he will never refuse an invitation to a dinner or something along these lines)
- sleeping (all day long)
- swimming (he puts lots of effort into this)
- History (he sees it as the most interesting and amazing class ever)
- travelling (Daniel loves discovering new places and cultures)

- insects (he’s not afraid of them, he hates them. Especially those who fly)
- waiting too much
- birds (well… he’s not really a nature person)
- people who criticize him (he takes it straight to the heart and he doesn’t like the feeling)
- misfortune upon others (Daniel cares about other people; he won’t show it, though)
- Li. (...this little brat.)

Daniel comes from a middle class French family. He doesn’t feel special or anything like that; he had to spend his childhood learning and taking care of his younger brother. His parents had high expectations from him, but he rarely rose up to them. Because of his father’s beliefs, Daniel grew up with a twisted vision of world. Therefore, he didn’t socialize that much at school and he couldn’t make friends with anyone.

One day, when Daniel was 8, his father lost his job so they moved to another city. They found out that the Mercier family was renting the big rooms they weren’t using. They had a daughter, Vivienne. He was first afraid to talk with her, since he was always rejected. However, his mother pushed him to make friends with Vivienne and he grew some courage to talk with her.

Contrary to popular belief, the two Capricorns became friends easily. Later, Daniel transferred to Vivienne’s school, but she started to avoid him. Since he defended her once in p.e., their relationship between them got better.

A thing that Daniel will always keep in mind as his fault is the day when Vivienne was hit by a car. If only he didn’t tell her to hurry! Ever since the accident has happened, Daniel tried to be more protective of Vivienne.

His only real friend moved with her parents to Japan. Daniel lost faith and became antisocial once again. He started to reject everyone. But, a couple of months after Vivienne had moved, Daniel’s family received a letter from a lawyer. They were told that one of their distant relatives had died and left them a small and comfy house in Japan. Daniel started to pack immediately his mother told him that they were moving again.

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