Vent art: Reality Picture

Don't we all.

Mom got a little worked up over my constant doodling on my sketchbook(s), telling me to focus on the unforgiving nature of the real world rather than the predictability of the comic world... I have to admit that's true, but my sketches are what makes me who I am elsewhere; won't removing that basically mean ripping up my very spiritual identity?

In truth, reality isn't the best place to live in most of the time... As Owl City's song The Real World goes,

Reality is a lovely place,
But I wouldn't want to live there.

So being the rebellious teen I am, I went and DREW this piece of vent art here. As usual it's also a little bit of fan art for my Camp D.W. series... It's true for me at least, I draw mostly because I don't like what's going on in real life and I'm trying to let it all pass by as inevitably as I'm helpless in the face of fate.

A little background on the burning car: The guy drawing in the sketchbook in the foreground is Marian Desiree, one of my characters in my OMAM story, and apparently his mother died in a car accident... Oh I'm such an evil character creator. He inherited quite a bit of my own character traits, including my love for doodling, so... Even he has to escape the reality of his situation too.

Also first time blending pencil shading and drawing inanimate objects, shadows and fire in my own style. I FAIL at drawing cars, they look the same as those I drew when I was five...

Of Magic and Mythology, Marian Desiree (c) *Quasi-Harkness
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