Yggdrasil 001 Picture

Alright … I know I have many other things I need to finish, but procrastination is my middle name (Matthew John Danger Procrastination Swartzvald Marie Schwer) anyway I’ve recently been thinking about Norse mythology. Specifically The creatures that live in, on, or around the world tree Yggdrasil. I’ve found that the relationship between Ratatostr, Nidhoggr, and the nameless Eagle is a largely unexplored part of the Myth.

Yes I did get lazy. I could have made backgrounds for those other panels but I need to work on other things instead… like the panel with the too small font… I’m too lazy to go back and change it… and yes I did draw a classy dinosaur somewhere in this comic… if you find it you’ll… win… um… a thing. You’ll win a thing.

So, I don’t know if I’ll do many more of these, but I’ll at least have one more done sometime near the end of august… I got to do the Nidhog
*Örn is Swedish for Eagle. In all adaptations of the story(even Snorri Sturluson’s classy Prose Edda) The Eagle has no name. So since I wasn’t going to call her “Eagle”(because that sounds stupid) I opted for the Swedish or Norwegian translation. And since both were “ørn” I didn’t have much choice.

Oh one more caveat, I did not spell Hell wrong… I spelled Hel right. Hel in Norse mythology Is both a place and a person(Goddess) who lives there.
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