Death and the Lamb: Bazi Picture

Name: Bazi Bacha
Age: 7
Height: 127cm
Weight: 27kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel

Death and the Lamb is a story focusing on my interpretations of the Twelve Apostles. Their roles will be quite different compared to the ones from the actual Bible; they are my own after all. It takes place after the events of Shadows of EDEN III: Welcome to Shangri-La, which means this story happened one year from when the original images of the Apostles were mentioned. Like Shinsei no Shinju, Death and the Lamb will show time and place and a couple of new characters will be introduced.

Although Bazi is a villager, he wears saffron and gold women’s clothes and a light turquoise scarf on his head. He wears moonstones on his ears and forehead, and two pairs of jade bracelets on his wrists. The sketch can be seen here: [link]

A former slave who is a villager at the Friendly Village in the Land of Jesús (pronounced HEY Zeus). Bazi possesses an androgynous appearance and skilled interpretive dancing skills, and lives in an orphanage with his older twin Posh. When he was young, he was a dancing boy for some slave traders and was saved by his sister. Together with the nomadic painter Luke, they escape and ended up in the Friendly Village as permanent residents. In his years of servitude, he was known as Garuda, a mythical bird in Hindu mythology.

Bazi was one of the few denizens who didn't believe that Simon murdered a baby lamb in the middle of the night. While discussing with Matthias, he reveals that Simon always tells them to be brave in tough situations and look on the bright side of things. At the day of the execution, the Bacha twins and the other orphans watch the Apostles disappear one by one and eventually inform the Friendly Village's nomadic painter Luke.
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