Sea Breeze the Hippocampus Picture

Hi guys! Undecellion here, and I decided to do something new. Yes, MLP... (Note: this is my first drawing of mlp so bear with me) So yeah I wanted to make my own ponysona and i decided to do a hippocampus. Aside from others I've seen, I think mine stands out of others. I'll describe the details, Instead of the usual/traditional mane, I wanted to place in a dorsal fin on the head instead. And in replacement of a cutie mark, I put in "tattoos" on his body. They resemble a higher status among hippocampus, and can only be achieved through "dragon spiritual training", kind of like in "Avatar: The Last Airbender", Where Aang gains his tattoos and becomes an airbending master. The Tattoo resembles an "Imoogi/Imugi", a dragon from Korean Folk Mythology. It is told that they resemble gigantic serpents. I'm pretty sure some of you guys have seen the film "Dragon Wars/D-War", That serpent is an Imoogi/Imugi. I also placed a gemstone at the front of the dorsal fin, which can cast magic like unicorns. Yes, there's also a necklace, with designs that resemble waves. Aside from all the extra fins, I think that is all.
~I also plan on making a "land form" of him...

So here's Sea Breeze: Prince of the Sea, Cool as a Breeze.
Comment, Fave, and Watch as well. ~Undecellion aka Tetra-Fang

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