Pokemon Special: X Team Picture

In honor of the announcement of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I've decided to draw all of my winning Pokemon teams from every game, from Gen 1 to 6, even the remakes (like Leaf Green and Soul Silver). You finally step foot on the last known region in the Pokemon world, Kalos. This stunning place filled with glorious scenery, odd weather patterns, and familiar landmarks holds a few secrets that makes it a pretty awesome place to be in. So, let's start off Generation 6 of French architecture and Norse mythology with Pokemon: X Version.

Back when Black and White were still in development there was a rumor going around that Gen 5 was going to be in 3D, which- much to some disappointment- was not true. There hadn't been a 3D sprite model of a Pokemon since the Stadium games and all the fans were hoping to see a much cleaner come back in the newer generations. Bring in X and Y. The hype surrounding these titles were unbelievable, everyone was talking about the new Fairy type and all of the concept art surrounding the region, the new Pokemon, and the Mega Evolutions. And I don't blame it, X and Y were simply beautiful, the textures, the music, the images, the story, it was all incredible to look at and play through. I was so into X that I beat it in four days (a new personal best). And while there weren't a lot of new Pokemon (I think Kalos clocked in around 64?) the game makes up for it by bringing back a ton of amazing Pokemon. Riolu, Charmander, Venipede, Sandile, there are simply too many to list that I was happy to see again. And like I said before, I loved the story and really think Team Flare was the reason for it. Nintendo outdid themselves with this series of games and I cannot wait to see what they have in the future.

Serious fan reflection/ranting aside, team X is made up of Warlock the Delphox, Gogo the Gogoat, Chun-Li the Pangoro, Katana the Aegislash, Tyrone the Tyrantrum, and Dende the Dedenne.

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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