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Just Because it was interesting.

So, influences from top left:

1. Comics / Chros Bachalo
This one's a twofer. I love comics, esp. X-men. The costumes for the superheroes are cool to look at and design. And I like superhero comics. As for Chris Bachalo, I love love love how he draws.

2. Gerhard Richter
Probably on of my fave German artists of all time. Not only does he work in abstract and is amazing with color, his photorealism art is epic. He can paint all those digital effects we like to put on our art.

3. Van Gogh.
Love love love his use of color. And his life in general is an interesting read.

4. Miyazki + Ghibli
I adore these movies. Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited away in particular.

5. Neil Gaiman
Besides what he did with Sandman for the comic book world, his writing is phenomenal. The mythologies he uses flow so well with his worlds, and the real world.

6. Terry Pratchett
Discworld. It appeals to my love of mythology, and makes my brain work while I'm reading. Satire about humanity and all the things we take for granted, set in a fantasy realm. What could be better?

7. Dave McKean
His collage work is amazing, and something I know I can't ever emulate. But it's amazing to look at, nonetheless.

8. Naruto
I had to include it b/c it's a fanart I draw. But the characters and their stories display an individuality that is a nice change to some of the cardboard box animes you see out there.

9. E. H. Shephard
I'm drawn to the line quality in his drawings. Esp. the hatchwork. And the simplicity.

10. Tim Burton
Not only do I love his movies, but I'm really drawn to his art. I love the simple, but whimsical, often creepiness of his work. and how well it translates into other mediums.

11. Alan Lee
His illustrations for LOTR are win. But I love love love his pencil work. Esp, his landscapes.

Some of the best cartoon styles.

13. Star Wars
Probably one of the most influential movies of all time.

14. Video Games
Esp. Final Fantasy and Zelda. Some of the most interesting fantasy worlds, stories, and character designs.

15. Sailor Moon
And last but not least, a memory of my childhood and one ofthe reasons I started drawing in the first place. And the manga has some of the most ethereal pages I've seen.

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