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A few creatures I drabbled. I think I'm only going to use one of them in the future... but if you'd like to use them, go straight ahead!!

From left to right:
A Soul Harper- A mythological creature seen only by those who are wicked hearted, which is why such an outbreak of newborns has been happening this past century, and in the Otherworlde. It is said that what lies behind their masks is a field of hell and fury with only one tiny, far light to keep the sanity at bay. Their bodies are made virtually of souls, and their bony arm lead to the veils of life they use as hands. their legs start out as that, but adapt as more souls are absorbed. They take the souls of those who deserve a pain greater than death. Soul Harpers can take on the form of humans and even lure some people deep into woods by seduction. When you see them in your dream, it means that they will follow you until the end of your days. Their tails burn you and can bring up a badass storm. The tails loose parts the closer the Harper gets to its final resting. Their ancestors seem to come from Norse and Swedish mythology, but even though they are in no way similar to dragons, they are their closest relative since it seems their origins trace back to the same place and time. Time travel is possible to the most advanced Harpers and is used to help lost souls find their way or to help some souls turn good before all hope is lost.

Exilebrus A creature who starts out as a bright ball of flowers, but grows into a horrible, dark, kraken-like monster who attacks innocent villages and town. The flowers growing from its body produce a putrid odor who make whoever smells it do whatever the creature wills. Its eyes are hypnotizing and can cause sickness, even death depending on how long you stare.

Doby Foulboul featuring a trollbunn
Each is granted with a specific, unique wing coloration that determines what their life journey shall be. They are panda-like, carnivorous birds that hunt small animals, but can grow as tall as a 500 story building. Although they have wings, they usually can't fly for a long amount of time, so they use their many long legs as an advantage.

And that's it
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