Kansen Picture

(This guy is literally an idea I had while falling asleep. Don't mind the sucky details and art. And you are most likely seeing this from Ruler's Sta.sh, so whatever.

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Kansen is a being of the Uirusu species from an unknown place (MostlikelyTerrancoughcough). In its mythology, there are claims of their kind infecting people who hold any hatred or anger. This makes Wrath sinners an easy target.

They reproduce by the method of infection. They take control of a host, feeding off its anger and making them lose their sanity. Once it is at its peak, it produces a new Uirusu to jump to another host, preferably someone of a similar kind.

Usual victims of the infection include Wrath sinners and weakened magic users, but I doubt Kansen will resist jumping to mortals. They cannot infect demons, angels, or any inhuman creature. Symptoms of their infection are coughing and fever when they first infect the host, but increase to nausea, then to losing sense of reality, involuntary movement, and contradictory speech. Sound familiar? Hope so~ They infect them by placing a ball with the Uirusu against the victim's chest, allowing it to infest inside. Once at their peak, they manifest as a form outside its host that looks close to the victim. They then trick another host to drawing close, repeating the cycle.

Kansen was famed in its tribe for being the more opportunistic, taking whatever opening it can find to infect a host.

It has no gender, only taking form of its host. Here, it is depicted as male, imitating Ruler's look.

Kansen tends to belittle people, calling them 'boy' or 'girl'. Since it takes the form of its host, it tends to imitate them, giving him a chance to spawn more Uirusu.

Other trivia: 'Kansen' is literally 'infection' in Japanese, as 'Uirusu' is 'virus' in the same language.


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