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Cappy’s (Not So) Random Rant
Okay, let’s see if my little detectives can solve why I think this rant ties into the theme of this drawing. I have faith in you!

Question: when drawing characters, what the first thing you tend to draw? Me, well, I tend to draw bubble characters since that was beaten into my brain from the first art class to the last:
A bubble character, framework, skeleton, they all mean a really quick sketch of where you plan to place and position your character. Most artists do this, so I don’t think the bubble character really counts.

Now what’s the first thing I draw on the bubble character? The eyes. Then facial features, and then the surrounding head. I find that if I don’t work from the inside out, my faces tend to look smooshed; don’t try to confine my raw artistic brilliance!!

Cappy’s Rockin’ Rendition
I am fully, wholly aware at how stupid this joke is. Two things inspired me. I remember stumbling across someone’s internet handle as being “biclops”, and laughing for way too long at the concept.

The second step that helped birth this pathetic pun was from a comedian’s routine I heard on the radio. It goes a little something like this: Remember going to circuses? I don’t…my dad was too cheap to pay to go to the famous circuses; he’d find these horrid bootleg versions being held on some car dealer’s parking lot.
“Bob’s Circus”
That’s the title for a circus? I knew I was in for disappointment when the ringleader was like, “Behold…HUGE MIDGETS!! Just look at them huge midgets: they stand 5’6 to 5’9!”

Those two experiences inspired me to do up my own bogus advertisement.
-The “Q: How Are Bob’s Circus And A Prostitute Similar? A: They Both Leave You Feeling Screwed Out Of Your Money!” Cappy

For the copycats: Micron pigma pen 03 (linework), Prismacolor markers.
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