1 - Ymir Picture

The second card in the major arcana is The Magician, no. 1.

I chose Ymir for the Magician because he "transformed" into the earth.

Borr's three sons, the gods Vili, Vé, and Odin, killed the giant Ymir, and unleashed a vast flood from Ymir's blood. Odin and his brothers used Ymir's lifeless body to create the universe. They ground his flesh into dirt. His blood became the sea, ocean and all bodies of water. His bones became the mountains, his teeth rocks and pebbles. Odin strewed Ymir's brains into the sky to create the clouds. The gods placed four dwarves—Nordri (North), Sudri (South), Austri (East), and Vestri (West)—to hold up Ymir's skull and create the heavens.

I decided to depict Ymir as a mountain giant for a few logic reasons. XDD I thought, if he was birthed from the steam of Muspellsheim and Niflheim, why would he be a frost giant? My sources varied between the two anyway, so I chose the more logic of the two.

Also, I made the depiction of the earth to be one of Pangaea; the earliest form of the earth we are aware of. c:

The card itself is made of ash wood. The darker ash for the main body of the card is an overlaid stain. The character is painted on parchment. Everything was done in PS. (Check my
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