The Hunter's WTF Moment Picture

It was a long night. Twenty different vampire sightings, and we are short handed. So guess who had to go kill them all. Me, short little me.
'You called yourself short!' Renae giggles inside my head. I am far too tired to even acknowledge her. I recline the car seat back, undoing my tie.
"Don't tell me The Short and Mighty Sebastian is tired," Zack jokes from behind the wheel.
"Shut up. I'd love to see you immobilize twenty vampires in one night," I yawn. "Make this thing go faster or I'm passing out in your car again."
Zack grumbles something illegible to my tired ears. I pass out in the passenger seat.
"Wake up or I'm throwing you in the dumpster!" I hear echo throughout my still sleeping brain. I open my eyes; turning my head I look over at Zack.
"What?" I somewhat slur from being woken up.
"Get your ass out of my car," He grins. I right the seat, and open the door to his Dodge Neon. Groggily I walk through the mini junk yard that is my lawn.
I yawn as I open my front door. I sound reaches my ear. I open my right eye.
There in the glowing light of the TV is my cousin Darianne. He sits upon our torn up couch, lip locking with my Mythology teacher, Mr. Valencia. I feel myself go into one of those WTF moments, even Renae is silenced. I slowly close the door and step back down the stairs. I turn towards the Neon still humming next to the sidewalk.
I tap the passenger window. Zack looks over at me and rolls it down.
"What?" he says.
"Can I bunk at your place?"
"Dari's on the couch.." I trail off.
"So? He's always on the couch," He raises his blonde eyebrow.
"Well, he has company....."
"Okay stop being vague."
"Dari's swaping spit with my Mythology teacher," I shake my head to dispel the thought.
"Get in." Zack says after a moment of staring at me.

Yeah so that's his WTF moment. I'm not sure if I want to color this one. It looks so good in black and white! I'm afraid color would ruin it.

Anyway, I tried out a new style. What do you think?
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