Deathly Friend of the Night Picture

Ascalapha odorata, the largest noctuid, the scientific name comes from the demon known in Spanish as Ascálafo, son of Hades river, Aqueronte.

This innocent moth was pretty hungry. It has been "captive" in my room for almost a week now.

I usually catch butterflies and moths of interest and put them on a jar and into the freezer but my refri doesn't have one (cuz it's one of those little refrigerators) and she will not die with the temperature it has. I believe it's a she because of the white marking on her wings (male doesn't have it), and because male are bigger than females (sexual dimorphism).

The larvae of this moth can grow up to 7cm, has a brownish color and it's considered an agricultural pest. I found it near a light on my brother's apartment which is next to a farm.

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