JTE Ch. 2 Pg. 64 Picture

Introducing Chad, a centaur. Now I'm just going to get this out right now, centaurs are my least favorite mythological creature. This reason, being, is that their anatomy is just so darn impractical. I mean, are his internal organs just stretch out to the length of his body, or does the human anus connect to the horse's esophagus?(ps, I really hope it's not that last one. I mean, eww) I'm trying to get around the impracticality of their bodies by making his horse half's body a bit smaller than an actual horse, thus making it make a bit more sense. The only reason I'm including centaurs in this story is because it seems that any story that has to deal with a wide variety of mythological creatures never seems to be complete without centaurs, and the fact that they're an important part of Greek myth (which has a very important role in this comic). And I decided to make the first centaur character pretty likeable, sort of foil to Angel's high tempered attitude. Both are highly ranked in S.C.U.L.E.'s North American division (Angel is in charge of weapons, and Chad is in charge of combat training) giving them plenty of opportunity to interact with each other, in this page I've already established they have a slight rivalry going on, though Chad is more of a friendly rival, while Angel seems to think being a rival means being a bitter enemy. Well they are a pretty interesting duo, and for some reason both are equines to some degree. So yeah, let me know what you think.


Chad: Please excuse my friend, he's a little sensitive about people guessing his gender wrong...and his sexual orientation. He's straight just incase there's any confusion.

Angel: Hey! We're not friends Chad, we're rivals and I don't need my rival defending me!

Chad: Geez, can't you lighten up for one second? You know I still say you should consider therapy.

Angel: And I still say I don't need no friggin' therapy!!!

Chad: Uh...yeah, sure. Anyways, I know where your friends are, follow me.

Reggie: It's OK Potter, the scary unicorn won't hurt you.

Potter: O...K...

Reggie: This...place...is...

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