Dark Avenger Picture

He was met, at the gate of Hades
By the guardian of the lost souls
The keeper of the unavenged
And he did say to him
"Let ye not pass, Abaddon
Return to the world from whence ye came
And seek payment
Not only for thine own anguish
But to vindicate the souls of the unavenged"
And they placed in his hand
A sword
Made for him
Called Vengeance
Forged in brimstone
And tempered
By the woeful tears of the unavenged
And to carry him upon his journey
Back to the upper world
They brought forth their demon horse
Called Black Death
A grim steed
So fierce in might and black in colour
That they could stand as one
In the darkness
Save for his burning eyes of crimson fire
And on that night
They rode
Up from Hell
The pounding of his hooves did clap
Like thunder

~ Dark Avenger - Manowar ~

(This is a wallpaper, I can size it to anything 4:3, and anything that's a derivative of 1600x900 - and probably other stuff too. Just note me on the off chance you want to use it, I'll throw you a downloadable link. Critiques always welcome!)
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